The NGV unveils The Rigg Design Prize 2022: Major exhibition of contemporary advertising and communication design

The Royals Without Store - photo by Tobias TitzAn Australian-first creativity index on the share market, a vending machine selling priceless inventions, and an invaluable scratchie card are among eight creative campaigns launched as part of NGV’s Rigg Design Prize 2022 – highlighting the creativity underpinning the work of eight leading Australian-based agencies.

Including the Australian offices of multinational and independent creative agencies, the finalists invited by the NGV to compete for the $30,000 triennial Prize are: Clemenger BBDO Melbourne, DDB Group Melbourne, Frost*collective, Gilimbaa, Leo Burnett Australia, TBWA\Melbourne, The Royals and Thinkerbell.

For the exhibition, the NGV challenged each agency to create a campaign that articulates the potential of creativity to accelerate positive social, cultural, economic, or environmental change. Each agency developed a suite of campaign assets – including billboards, street posters and moving image – to communicate how creativity can shape who we are and the world we live in.

The eight exhibited campaigns represent a call to action for Australia to realise its creative potential. The campaigns unveiled include:

Creativity Was Here is a campaign that points to the numerous examples of creativity that have had a profound impact on the world as it is today. From cultural movements to law reform, brilliant inventions to life-giving medical innovations, the campaign uses striking imagery and emotive storytelling to communicate that creativity is responsible for so much more than is immediately apparent.

Creativity is a powerful financial force; however, its value is generally considered unquantifiable. Unlike mining, construction or agriculture, the economic value of creativity has been generally left out of the collective conversation around prosperity building in Australia. The creative index, developed and designed by DDB Group Melbourne, tracks creativity for the first time on the Australian share market – demonstrating in real time its dollar value.

Problem-solving benefits from a broad range of perspectives. After a brief pause for thought, the silence is often broken with a question: Any Ideas? Frost*collective draws on this familiar scenario to set the tone for Any ideas? – a campaign that asks Australians to generate great ideas as a force for good. From reducing single-use plastic, improving the efficiency of public transport networks, or breaking society’s tech addiction, through one powerful open-ended question, the campaign invites unending possible solutions to current issues.

Unlearn the Untruths is directed towards anyone who believes that they are simply not creative, and urges them to re-engage with their creativity, to think differently about their surroundings and what it means to be Australian. The campaign has been created by Gilimbaa, a 100%-Indigenous-owned communications and creative agency based in Brisbane. Unlearn the Untruths suggests that a reconnection with creativity can spark a reconnection with one another, with the more than 200 cultural backgrounds that make up contemporary Australia, with First Nations histories and with Country.

Can Creativity Make You Bleed? proposes that creativity is more easily defined by its outcome than its form. Whether it be an image, words, music or other, the degree to which we harness human emotion becomes a marker of creative success. The concept tests the power of creativity to evoke emotion and motivate action. Spotlighting the community’s need for blood donation, each campaign asset is designed to trigger an emotional response – anger, joy, fear or disgust – that could prompt Australians to commit to giving blood.

Creativity is a financial resource, however its contribution to Australia’s economic outlook is consistently overlooked. Urging corporate Australia and government agencies to look beyond conventional data linked to economic growth, Everything Grows With Creativity presents a series of graphs, charts and diagrams amended to include creativity – communicating that, when applied to financial matters, creativity can change trajectories and lead to unexpected opportunities.

Without Store is a speculative online shop selling hypothetical versions of some of society’s most well-used inventions, all-born of Australian creativity. Referencing the hyper-commercialised nature of the advertising industry, Without Store is accompanied by a campaign that draws inspiration from the familiar style and language of the infomercials that circulate on twenty-four-hour shopping channels. Selling life-changing products, including Google Maps, wi-fi and IVF, each item is listed alongside information detailing its creative origins and the value it brings to society.

Lured by the promise of winning large cash prizes, approximately 3 million Australians buy a scratch card each year. Invaluable scratchie reimagines the scratch card by replacing the dollar value of the prize, typically hidden behind the silver scratch ink, with ‘creativity’ – a prize that it’s impossible to put a price on. Inviting Australians to uncover the value of creativity, the Invaluable scratchie campaign uses physical and digital interactive scratch surfaces that, once scratched, reveal illustrated examples of the nation’s many creative achievements, from the Hills Hoist to the life-changing Cochlear Implant.

The NGV’s design curators undertook national research to establish a shortlist that would represent and showcase the breadth of excellence in Australia’s advertising and creative communications sector.

Participating agencies include long-established leaders and disruptors, and agencies that have carved out their own unique space through their focus and specific approach.

When exhibited together, the eight agencies provide a unique insight into the creative process and the motivations and aspirations of some of Australia’s most dynamic professionals working in the field.

“This year’s Rigg Design Prize has tasked some of the nation’s top communications agencies to highlight the role of creativity in creating a better world,” said Tony Elwood AM, Director NGV.

“The eight standalone campaigns show the power of creativity to spark real and meaningful change, not only to human perceptions, but also behaviour.”

The Rigg Design Prize 2022
The Ian Potter Centre: NGV Australia at Fed Square, Melbourne
Exhibition continues to 29 January 2023
Free entry

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Image: Installation view of Without store by The Royals, Melbourne on display in the Rigg Design Prize 2022 at The Ian Potter Centre: NGV Australia – photo by Tobias Titz