RJ ExpressionsFresh from winning two Australian Dance Awards for R&J, Natalie Weir and Expressions Dance Company (EDC) bring this captivating interpretation of Shakespeare’s most famous love story to an arts centre near you.

Natalie Weir’s R&J is inspired by the tragic and romantic themes of the classic story of Romeo and Juliet, and presents three poignant love stories. The first story, set in a modern day city, is brutal and contemporary; the second, set in more ancient times, captures the romance of young love escalating towards a tragic end; while the third and final story, set in domestic bliss in suburbia in the 50s, is touching in its realism.

EDC’s Artistic Director and R&J Choreographer Natalie Weir said her work focuses on human emotions. ‘This production reinforces the notion that love, no matter what age you are, or what era you are in, is eternal and its power, everlasting.’

We really focused on turning the classic story of Romeo and Juliet on its head and cutting through to the essence of what is real, human and inevitable,’ said Ms Weir.

‘Each story has something you can connect to, be it the memory of a first kiss, a passionate affair, or a contented love that has stood the test of time ‘I like to create dance productions with strong storylines, that people can relate to so they leave the theatre feeling enriched and satisfied and taking something away from the experience,’ said Ms Weir.

With music composed by John Babbage and recorded by prolific music ensemble Topology, R&J celebrates contemporary performance at its most bold and powerful.

“R&J is love interrupted, love you can’t live without and love you have to. This is Romeo and Juliet for our times.”
The Courier Mail

Natalie Weir’s R&J is currently on a National Tour of Australia. For more information and tour schedule, visit: www.expressionsdancecompany.org.au/rj-tour-2013

Image: Fiona Cullen

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