In Bob We Trust

In Bob We Trust

Beloved of the bereft and abandoned, Father Bob Maguire the irreverent philosopher and working class hero eschews the collar and piousness of his own religion.

For almost 40 years he has fought courageously to protect troubled youth immersed in a culture of crime, drugs and violence by opening the doors to his parish, the presbytery, and his own pockets, offering a stable place from where they can begin a new life.

He offers outreach for street kids and food programs and scholarships for the poor. His efforts have not often found support from his seniors and he has weathered many a disciplinary measure.

He has always fought back with wit and a healthy disregard for authority with an unshakable passion, frankly pointing out the flaws in logic, dogma and prejudice asking; “is not helping those in need a central tenet of our religion?”

The Archbishop dealt the final blow when, although still vital and passionate to work, Father Bob was  unceremoniously retired and evicted from  his  home  of  39 years  and from the Church he helped lovingly restore.

Urgent to continue the fight for the poor and unable to relinquish his priesthood, Father Bob sets about establishing himself in the community. Wounded and grieving he continues to fight for what he believes in.

At 78, no longer with the church behind him, he starts over again with nothing but the tenacious belief that he is a priest and is here to help the poor, to be effective, to be meaningfully provocative and to never say die.

In Bob We Trust is written and directed by Lynn-Maree Milburn and features appearances by Father Bob Maguire, John Safran, Costas Vasiliou, Judy Sampson, and Archbishop Dennis Hart.

In Bob We Trust is screening at selected cinemas nationally. For more information, visit: for details.

Image: Father Bob Maguire