Riverside Theatres Digital: Pancha Nadai

Pancha-Nadai courtesy-of-Riverside-TheatresRiverside Theatres Digital will present Pancha Nadai by renowned classical contemporary Indian Dance Company, Lingalayam, streaming to audiences’ homes, in a one-show only performance at Riverside Theatres in Parramatta on Sunday 20 September 2020.

Pancha Nadai comprises a selection of four pieces conceived on the Pancha Nadais (Pancha meaning five, and Nadais meaning rhythmic syllables), directed by legendary guru – dancer, choreographer, and teacher – Anandavalli.

In the tradition of classical Indian music and dance of South India, the five basic rhythmical sequences in the beats of three (tisram), four (chatusram), five (khandam), seven (misram), and nine (sankeernam) are the basic principle in formulating a rhythmical configuration.

These set beat patterns, referred to as the pancha nadais within a given cycle of rhythm, are used to create countless combinations of rhythmical configurations. In this special once-off show, Lingalayam will present four pieces based on the Pancha Nadais – from the traditional form to the contemporary.

Strongly emotive and visually compelling, Lingalayam’s creative body of work incorporates dance, live-music, text and design, and is created and performed by artists of world-class standing. The Lingalayam repertoire draws from the ancient dance forms of Bharatha Natyam and Kuchipudi.

“In these strange and unfathomable times, we at Lingalayam feel truly blessed to be able to come together at the Lingalayam rehearsal space and be in that fortunate position of being able to create and rehearse for a performance,” said Lingalayam Artistic Director, Anandavalli. “For myself and the dancers, dancing is an integral part of our lives, and gives us immense healing.”

“It is an honour to be able to share Pancha Nadia with our cherished audience in these trying times. And a big thank you to Robert Love and the team at Riverside Theatres for offering us this professional digital platform.”

The team at Riverside Theatres continue to work hard to create Riverside Theatres Digital, this unique viewing experience, ensures audiences can stay connected and entertained. The concerts are a series of multi-camera events, streaming once only, direct from the theatre. Pancha Nadai is Choose What You Pay with ticket prices starting at $12.00.

Pancha Nadai will be presented on Sunday 20 September 2020 at 5.00pm. For more information, visit: www.riversideparramatta.com.au for details.

Image: Pancha Nadai – courtesy of Riverside Theatres