Repeat. Restate…Reiterate

wobcv13-0002Arts Project Australia presents two new exhibitions – Repeat. Restate…Reiterate and Kelvin Heffernan Solo, both opening on Saturday 1 June.

Whilst sounding like a mantra, Repeat. Restate…Reiterate contains a pause. Repetition has long been employed as a powerful tool across all art forms to convey emphasis and exaggeration but equally and importantly as a means of exploration.

Used to create mood, patterns and rhythm or to expose subtle nuances and insights, repetition has long been used by artists to firmly convey an idea or conversely to reinvestigate an idea in search of a seemingly elusive answer.

Repeat. Restate…Reiterate searches for the inspiration, and pays homage to the dedication of practice, that drives artists to keep investigating an idea and in turn, revealing it anew.

Repeat. Restate…Reiterate has been curated by Penelope Hunt and features artists: Alvaro Alvarez, Fulli Andrinopoulos, John Bates, Peter Ben, Dorothy Berry, Dionne Canzano, Samraing Chea, Boris Cipusev, Alan Constable, Emily Dober, Ian Gold, Bronwyn Hack, Ruth Howard, Venuzza Iaconis, Chris Mason, David Mossop, Chris O’Brien, Warren O’Brien, Michael Paul, Steven Perrette, Josef Power, Philip Truett, Lindsay Sutherland and Cameron Veitch.

Kelvin Heffernan’s paintings and works on paper reflect a vibrant energy, a passion for colour and a capacity for sensitive mark-making. Heffernan’s highly expressive works impart a preoccupation with macabre subject matter.

Bushrangers and outlaws as well as savaged toothed or horned beasts wield guns or swords yet the sensibility of his works is often injected with a playfulness and wicked sense of humour.

Repeat. Restate…Reiterate / Kelvin Heffernan Solo
Arts Project Australia – High St, Northcote
Exhibition: 1 June – 6 July 2013

For more information, visit: for details.

Image: Warren O’Brien Not titled 2013 acrylic on canvas 70 x 200cm

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