Cathy Staughton’s Wondrous Imaginarium

Cathy S Luna Park Face 1Cathy Staughton’s Wondrous Imaginarium is a survey of her work over more than 25 years.  Focusing on autobiographical themes and portrayals of the self through various characters or guises.

She employs recurring motifs such as Luna Park, religious iconography and anthropomorphised creatures, to depict a vividly lived experience and a richly imagined alternative reality.

Dr Catherine Bell says that, “Cathy’s artwork presents her lived experience and explores the construction of self, from daily ritual, to fantastical dreamscape, which is a confrontation with her own unconscious.”

“Cathy also appears in many works in a range of guises that allude to the mythic Trickster figure and his ability to morph between alternative realities.”

Cathy Staughton’s Wondrous Imaginarium is supported by a full colour Leonard Joel Series catalogue, which vividly captures Staughton’s lived and dreamed experiences.

Cathy Staughton’s Wondrous Imaginarium
Arts Project Australia – 24 High Street, Northcote
Exhibition: 24 August – 5 October 2013
Free entry

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Image: Catherine Staughton Luna Park face witche 2007 (detail) pencil, ink and gouache on paper, 76 x 57cm, Collection of Nectar Efkarpidis, Molonglo Group, Canberra