Little Salons of Glory

little_salons_of_gloryThe Little Salons of Glory, the birthplace of new art, new collaborations and new genius. These works will never be done this up close and personal again.

In the tiny flocked velvet and cocktail swigging performance den, the Hare Hole at Hares & Hyenas, Finucane & Smith are flying in 12 artistes from Buenos Aires, Paris, New York, Brunswick and Brisbane to unleash new work, new ideas and wild new acts.

Spanning crudité erotica from one of theatre’s most awarded voices, that of Miss Caroline Lee; to the work last seen in an abandoned amusement arcade in Osaka where it caused “silent screaming” Moira Finucane & Yumi Umiumare’s demented Banquet Room (the prequel!).

James Welsby, the rising star of dance, will vogue and groove fresh from his Melbourne Festival and Melbourne Fringe Awards, while Anna Lumb flies in from New York, explodes onto stage & walks on champagne.

Created in a crumbling mansion in the South of France, be illuminated by Holly Durant’s human chandelier, and be amazed by Sarah McDougall, who is being touted as the ‘new genius’ of circus!

Be there when Moira Finucane reveals her new ultra-gothic dreamscape inspired by the churches and tango bars of Buenos Aires, as luminaries Yumi Umiumare, Maude Davey and Carolyn Connors and many more feature new work.

20 years ago Finucane & Smith staged their very first smash hit ‘cabaret bizarre’ The Salon at Hares & Hyenas bookshop. A queue down the street, byo cushions, rave reviews, and a night of twisted literary, volcanic, gender bending art from Ms Finucane and her guests launched an international juggernaut of provocative performance.

Now they are back – 3 weekends only. Every weekend has a new program. Unplugged, unleashed and unforgettable!

Little Salons of Glory
Hares & Hyenas, 63 Johnston Street, Fitzroy
Season: 8 – 24 November 2013
Bookings: (03) 9495 6589

For more information, visit; for details.

Image: Moira Finucane by Jodie Hutchinson