Zombie! The Musical

Hayes Theatre Co Zombie The MusicalIt’s like 42nd Street… but with ZOMBIES. Hayes Theatre Co presents the world premiere of Laura Murphy’s new musical, Zombie!

Sydney, Australia. It’s the turn of the 21st century, and a dedicated community theatre troupe is frantically rehearsing in the final hours before their big opening night.

Little do they know that beyond the walls of the theatre, a highly infectious disease is rapidly spreading through the city – turning its victims into full-blown zombies. Will humanity take its final bow, or can the power of musical theatre save the friggin’ world? 

From the creator of The Lovers, and the composer lyricist of The Dismissal, this brand-new Australian musical wields a genre-blending original score and a fast-paced, farcical script that combines two of the most subtle forms of storytelling: traditional musical theatre and cult-classic zombie films.

“Hayes Theatre Co is a place where artists are given the rare opportunity to push the boundaries of this little art form we call musical theatre,“ said composer Laura Murphy. “It’s such an incredible honour that Zombie! is in the innovative, ambitious and passionate hands of Hayes Theatre Co.”

Zombie! The Musical follows an ambitious starlet, an optimistic understudy and an ol’ hoofer (who thought she’d seen it all) as they’re faced with an impossible dilemma – what role to play in humanity’s final act?

They discover that impending doom has a funny way of revealing our true character. Grab your torch, your pitchforks, and your headshot. The apocalypse begins in 5, 6, 7, 8… 

Directed by Darren Yap, Zombie! The Musical features Natalie Abbott, Tamsin Carroll, Chelsea Dawson, Nancy Denis, Adam Di Martino, Ryan Gonzalez, Stefanie Jones, Drew Livingston and Monique Sallé.

Zombie! The Musical
Hayes Theatre Co, 19 Greenknowe Avenue, Elizabeth Bay (Sydney)
Season continues to 6 April 2024
Information and Bookings: www.hayestheatre.com.au

Image: Zombie! The Musical (supplied)