Wolf Creek 2

Wolf Creek 2The Australian outback is a lonely, isolated place – the perfect playground for a sadistic serial killer with a penchant for bloodthirsty sport. In a red wasteland, the stifling oppressive heat isn’t the only menace that should be feared.

Bored with the commercial tourism of the city, young and idealistic backpackers Rutger (Philippe Klaus, Devil’s Dust and Rake) and Katarina (Shannon Ashlyn, Puberty Blues) yearn to explore the “real” Australia and travel to the hauntingly beautiful but desolate Wolf Creek National Park.

Far from civilization, the breathtaking vistas and vast open spaces belie a danger lurking in the shadows. Psychopathic pig-shooter Mick Taylor (John Jarratt) is the last man any outback traveller wants to meet and his irreverent attitude towards human life has now escalated to a sadistic new level.

Stumbling into a scene of horror, backpacker Paul Hammersmith (Ryan Corr, Packed to the Rafters) is about to crash a party that no one wants an invite to. More terrifying than ever the nightmare only just begun, will anyone escape this gruesome game? Wolf Creek 2 will have your pulse racing. Paralysed with fear, we all bear witness as Mick offers his victims no mercy.

Written by Greg McLean and Aaron Sterns and produced by Helen Leake (Swerve, Black and White, Heaven’s Burning), Greg McLean and Steve Topic (Crawlspace), Wolf Creek 2 is the hotly anticipated sequel to the original outback nightmare, the highest grossing R-rated Australian film of all time.

Wolf Creek 2 is released nationally on 20 February 2014. Checkout the official trailer: