Without me, I’m nothing

JDuffyJonathan Duffy is an accomplished actor; stand up comic and award-winning filmmaker. He is also painfully aware that most people have no idea who he is.  Give him one hour and he hopes to change that.

With the help of a few friends, some well-crafted jokes and a bit of song and dance, he is sure you will never forget him. Jonathan has climbed his way from the bottom to, well a little bit higher than the bottom, and he’s not thanking any deity or universal presence for getting him there.

Jonathan is most notably unknown for his 2011 documentary The Doctor’s Wife, which followed him and his partner Dr Vincent Cornelisse as they moved from Brisbane to central Queensland as an openly gay couple.

In Without me, I’m nothing, Jonathan will share some anecdotes from the road along with observations made from the perspective of a city-gay turned country-gay, turned city-gay.  Enjoy the ride as he shares his take on things like long term relationships, pleasing a gay audience and gay-Christmas (otherwise known as Eurovision).

Jonathan promises to entertain shock and surprise all with an irreverence he should be known for, but isn’t!

Without me, I’m nothing
Revolt Artspace, 12 Elizabeth St, Kensington
Season: 27 January – 2 February 2014
Bookings: www.midsumma.org.au

For more information, visit: facebook.com/jonoduffy for details.

Image: Jonathan Duffy