William Elm: Metamorphica

William Elm MetamorphicaQuietly becoming one of Melbourne’s most flourishing composer-instrumentalists, William Elm presents his debut album Metamorphica.

Whether it’s gracing the stage with the likes of Amanda Palmer or Mama Alto, serenading passers by with his accordion down the city’s many lane-ways, or taking to the radio with Brendan Maclean, Elm is an unassuming powerhouse.

Taking inspiration from his roots in minimalism, pop, avant-garde, and medieval music; as well as the years spent busking folk music on the streets, Elm has composed a series of pieces and songs that will form his debut album Metamorphica.

Having already performed with such cabaret darlings like Amanda Palmer, Brendan Maclean, and Jennifer Kingwell, as well as releasing 3 EPs (Between Dawn And The Day, Conquer, Shades of Green) independently, over the last 5 years – Elm is ready to tackle the release of an LP sized project with Metamorphica.

“The album takes on a dual quality, with the first half dealing with songs of strong personal issues like isolation, domestic violence, and sexual abuse; with the latter half taking on more loving and empowering themes; a healing answer to the conflicts of the first half. I’m excited to release it to the world” says Elm.

Metamorphica features William Elm’s profound multi-instrumentalism – including piano, accordion, glockenspiel, mountain dulcimer, and probes into forms of electronica and sampling. It is now available from williamelm.bandcamp.com.

Image: William Elm: Metamorphica