What does the rise of Electronic Dance Music say about Gen Z

Spotlight-on-a-DJ-during-a-concert-photo-by-Antoine-J.-on-UnsplashElectronic Dance Music (EDM) has become increasingly popular among Gen Z audiences, but what does this say about them? Gen Z is often stereotyped as tech-obsessed, lacking fundamental social skills, and addicted to the internet; however, Gen Z was born into this digital world, and this shift has had an immense effect on their lives – including their taste in music.

As we know it today, EDM would only exist with the internet. The digital age has enabled artists worldwide to create new sounds and share them with fans online, creating a platform through which many well-known EDM acts to connect with their fans.

A music promoter or renowned artist may post information on social media about an unexpected party happening soon – which causes thousands of fans to drop everything and join in as one big family. At these parties, lights come up, music starts pumping, and crowds go wild – an all too common scenario for EDM fans who enjoy this ear-splitting music within a festive and social atmosphere.

While EDM still has a significant following among those who enjoy partying, its relevance in today’s times must be acknowledged. EDM is often linked with partying and drugs, but most dance music has long been associated with celebrations. DJs and other EDM artists frequently headline large gatherings or music festivals, reinforcing this connection between EDM and party culture.

EDM music is designed for entertaining large crowds but can also be enjoyed as background music through headphones. Lyrics are typically removed or de-emphasized for trance-like sounds and fast-paced beats. Gen Z values experience over material possessions more than any other generation.

EDM provides precisely that – an opportunity to have real, authentic in-the-moment experiences and escape reality, even if only for a moment. Everyone needs some way to escape reality occasionally, and EDM is one of Gen Z’s go-to pathways for escape – whether that means enjoying music everyone loves!

The rise of EDM is a testament to Gen Z’s resilience and adaptability. Despite many difficulties, they have managed to cope and come together through music. EDM’s popularity proves that music can bring people together and provide an outlet for expression – even in times of hardship.

As technology advances and impacts our lives, it is no surprise that music genres and how we experience them have also evolved. EDM is one genre shaped by technology and the internet, continuing to adapt as new tools become available. Additionally, EDM’s rise is a testament to the shifting cultural landscape.

Music will always have its devotees and detractors. However, the rise of EDM among Gen Z speaks volumes about their taste in music as well as the cultural and technological factors that shaped their upbringing. It serves as a testament to music’s capacity for uniting people and creating an authentic sense of community – both an indication that things may change over time, but the music remains one of the strongest ways to foster belonging and unite people.

Gen Zers listen to EDM not just for partying and getting high but as an escape from reality. This trend will likely continue as technology and the internet continues to shape our lives. Critics may mock or deride this generation’s taste in music, but it’s important to remember that music was one of the first mediums people learned how to communicate with.

EDM may not be the most sophisticated genre out there, but it speaks directly to Gen Z’s personality: they want to escape reality while having a good time – EDM serves both purposes perfectly well when they want both together! Gen Zers also play far more puzzles than Baby Boomers. NYT or LAT crosswords being two of the most popular puzzles.

Be sure to explore the entire Gen Z Insights series, which will address topics of relevance to this generation. Our next topic will be an exploration of the early life stage experiences and choices that shaped Gen Z, emphasizing how creative thinking and an adventurous spirit enabled them to successfully navigate this period and develop into who they are today. Stay tuned!

The growth of EDM can be attributed to several factors, including increased access to technology and the internet, which makes it simpler for people to discover new music. Moreover, festivals like Tomorrowland or Coachella have further popularized EDM culture while creating an atmosphere of community among fans.

Gen Z, in particular, has demonstrated a deep love of EDM, often attending festivals and events to experience its music, lights, and energy first hand. Attracted by its uptempo beats and the sense of community that EDM fosters, many see it as an escape from everyday stresses and pressures.

The rise of EDM has had a major effect on the music industry, with many artists and producers adapting their styles and sounds to appeal to this new generation of listeners. We’ve seen subgenres such as trap, dubstep, and techno become increasingly popular among Gen Zers.

Furthermore, EDM’s growth has provided young people with new avenues to express themselves creatively through music production, visual content for festivals and events, or simply dancing along to the tunes.

In conclusion, the growth of EDM among Gen Z is a reflection of how technology and the internet have impacted their upbringing. It provides them with an outlet to escape reality, has authentic experiences, and come together in a festive and social atmosphere.

EDM is more than just wild parties; it’s an escape where Gen Zers can forget about the world for a while. As technology continues to revolutionize and shape the music industry, it will be fascinating to observe how EDM progresses and whether its fans embrace it in its next incarnation.

Image: Spotlight on a DJ during a concert – photo by Antoine J. on Unsplash