Wedhus Gembel – Snuff Puppets

Wedhus GembelWedhus Gembel is a spectacular cross-cultural collaboration between Melbourne’s giant puppet company, Snuff Puppets and artists from Java, Indonesia.

This extraordinary visual and physical theatrical experience is touring for the first time to Australia in October for a limited season of free, public performances in Federation Square’s outdoor amphitheatre.

Part ritual, part performance, Wedhus Gembel explores the tensions between traditional and contemporary Indonesian life. The show is a parable about the cycle of life, the destructive power of nature and how innocence and beauty can be disguised in a monster.

With its colour, chaos, magic, mythology, live music and giant puppets, Wedhus Gembel is a not to be missed production…and it’s free!

Wedhus Gembel is an affirmation of the power of cultural collaborations,” says Snuff Puppets Artistic Director, Andy Freer.

“Creation of the production began in 2006, a unique experience that took Snuff Puppets deep into the amazing artistic cultural life of Java. An inspiring way to make new theatre, simultaneously developing the artists and community participants, personally, artistically and cross culturally.”

“Together we created this large scale spectacle with a mountain that volcanically erupts, a monster that devours the whole cast, magical singing, trances, classical and contemporary puppetry, mask and dance theatre.”

Since 2006 Snuff Puppets have maintained a strong relationship with a key community of Indonesian artists based in Yogyakarta.

In 2009 Snuff Puppets undertook a professional creative development with these artists at Padepokan Seni as the first stage in creating a new mainstage theatre work, Wedhus Gembel.

In 2011 Snuff Puppets returned to Indonesia to perform Wedhus Gembel in Yogyakarta and Jakarta. After its Federation Square season, Wedhus Gembel will tour to Peru.

Wedhus Gembel
Flinders Street Amphitheatre, Federation Square, Melbourne
Season: 2 – 5 October 2013
Free entry

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Image: Wedhus Gembel