We Come From Far, Far Away

New-International-Encounter-We-Come-From-Far-Far-AwayFull of energy and hope for the future, Sydney Opera House presents the Australian premiere of New International Encounter’s We Come From Far, Far Away in the Studio from 20 May 2023.

We Come From Far, Far Away takes audiences on a journey of two young boys from Syria, Abdallah and his friend, who are seeking refuge from their homeland.

He wants to tell you some things, about life, boats, tents, trains and phones, McDonalds and about Death. He also has a secret about promises that have been made and broken.

An inspiring true story performed in a traditional Mongolian Yurt, We Come From Far, Far Away uses storytelling, shadow puppetry, comedy and live music following the moving journey of two young boys seeking refuge.

As Abdallah shares insights about life, Norwegian/Czech/British company NIE(New International Encounter) aims to explore the complexities that are associated with fleeing a war-torn country, such as survival, fear, friendship and separation through humour, energy and hope.

“NIE tells this story with such care, unassuming theatricality and direct engagement with its young audience. Such beautifully pointed work.” – The Stage

We Come From Far, Far Away
Studio – Sydney Opera House, Bennelong Point, Sydney
Season: 20 – 21 May 20-23
Information and Bookings: www.sydneyoperahouse.com

Image: We Come From Far, Far Away – courtesy of New International Encounter