Voices of a Siren

Threewoods Playwright presents the Australian Premiere of Voices of a Siren – an award-winning solo performance about women over three generations, at the Tandanya National Aboriginal Cultural Institute, as part of the 2023 Adelaide Fringe from 9 March.

A mystic siren calls out from distant shores to take the audience on an astral journey of healing, forgiveness, and reconciliation. The awakening of the feminine within through monologues, dance, chanting, and live music liberates a past bondage and leads to spiritual metamorphosis.

In the mythical legend, sirens are seductive creatures who sacrifice for love. She cries out from the deep ocean, enlightening women whose souls had been suppressed throughout the ages. These stories are bound by the aspirations for women, about who they can be.

Each with her own story, walking through tumultuous times, at the crux of the new and old, confronting the changing ordeals of each epoch. A thin membrane exists between fact and fiction, dreams and illusions, across the intertwined destinies of three generations of women and their interpretations of love.

Expressed through a series of monologues, dance and musical performance, this intergenerational journey tempts the audience to understand the deeper struggles of Chinese women, who had to fight the patriarchal structure of traditions and customs and who finally undergo a spiritual metamorphosis, releasing centuries of bondage and pain.

Directed by Brenda Chan – a respected veteran in the theatre world of Hong Kong, award-winning playwright Ada Chan joins contemporary theatre performer Soraya Chau and multimedia producer cum musician Maggie Tan in the creation of Voices of a Sirens, bringing together a variety of elements to the production.

Voices of a Sirens was selected to be a part of the Let’s Be Together Art Festival x HK 2021 and Arts’ Options “Hong Kong Made” Woman’s festival 2021 special Programme and received the Adelaide Fringe Tour Ready Award (Hong Kong) 2021.

Voices of a Siren
Ngunyawayiti Theatre at Tandanya National Aboriginal Cultural Institute, 253 Grenfell Street, Adelaide
Season: 9 – 13 March 20223
Bookings: www.adelaidefringe.com.au

For more information, visit: www.kairosartshk.com for details. Checkout the trailer here!

Image: Soraya Chau in Voices of a Siren – courtesy of Threewoods Playwright