Vincent Ergo

Controlled-Chaos-Productions-Vincent-ErgoEmbark on a unique immersive and covid-safe experience witnessing first hand the passion and ardour of Vincent van Gogh’s life as Controlled Chaos Productions presents Vincent Ergo at 107 Projects, Redfern until 1 April 2021.

This immersive theatre piece is like no other, as audience members journey through the performance space, walking, exploring and encountering scenes and characters who invite them into their world of devotion, distress, love and rejection in 1890’s France.

Vincent Ergo tells an adapted version of the last 8 years of Vincent van Gogh’s life through a dark and provocative lens. A struggling artist and hopeless romantic, Vincent devotes his time to painting his sorrows and desperately seeking love.

Travel with him through the sultry streets of France, visit him at the asylum of Saint-Paul-de-Mausole, and witness as he creates his most famous masterpieces inside the yellow house of Arles. Meet the artists he idolised, the women he relentlessly pursued, and bear witness to the struggles within his own mind.

The audience are invited to explore Vincent’s life and they walk through the moving theatre space, interact with their surroundings and follow various characters that intrigue them. This intimate, and Covid-19 safe experience provides an educational and thrilling adventure.

No two audience members will experience the same outcome, and no two shows are the same. The audience are ultimately left with a deep understanding of Vincent van Gogh as they have participated in and observed his life, his love of painting, his struggles with love, loss and his eventual and complete descent into madness.

Writers, Producers & Directors: Nita Wolf & Philip Wolf Featuring: Harry Taylor, Steven Menteith, Natasha MacDonald, Johnny Cordukes, Matthew T. Walsh, Chloe Tobin, Elizabeth Marcobello, Ioulia Stepanova, Jay Kallaway, Warren Paul Glover Set Designer: Irma Calabrese Costumes + Prop Design: Charles Bengland Sound Design: BT Calloway Lighting Design: Roderick van Gelder Design + Creation Crew: Ben Paterson, Matt Bailey GFX & Animation: Adam Paterson Make Up & SFX: Sophie Gunn Stage Crew: Emily Wong, Isabel Zakharova, Sarah Chambers, Didi Athum

Vincent Ergo
107 Projects, 107 Redfern Street, Redfern
Season continues to 1 April 2021
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Image: Vincent Ergo – photo courtesy of Controlled Chaos Productions