Van Gogh Alive

AAR-Van-Gogh-AliveA visual delight of colours awaits as you enter the grand pavilion to immerse yourself in the multi-sensory experience that is Van Gogh Alive.

Bruce Peterson, Van Gogh Alive’s owner and creator brings Van Gogh’s art to life and makes it interesting and entertaining. A teacher in his past, Peterson, while touring the great art galleries of the world with his young children, realised the need to engage the audience and bring art to life.  And so, Van Gogh Alive was born.

Van Gogh Alive is an exceptionally innovative multi-sensory experience that took eighteen months and countless iterations over the past decade to create. It was the very first of its kind in the world,” said Peterson.

“Van Gogh Alive has really redefined the way many people around the world engage with art and culture and it has brought tremendous pleasure to audiences old and young, experienced and inexperienced in art and culture.”

As you enter the rear of the grand pavilion Van Gogh’s artwork is projected onto giant screens in a presentation that loops every forty two minutes. Over three thousand vast images of colour surround the audience, set to an evocative classical score, as the sights around transport you into the world of Vincent Van Gogh.

At the opening night, a group of young audience members had great fun and delight rolling around on giant screens on the floor, as projected artworks washed over them.

Whilst in there, ensure you walk between the great areas to engage in the full experience from all angles. And as you enter and leave the rear pavilion, don’t miss the chance to get a selfie in the Starry Night and Sunflower exhibits.

Having toured to over 75 cities in the world and seen by over 8 million people, Van Gogh Alive makes one of its last stops in Perth. It is expected more than two hundred and fifty thousand people will see the event in Perth by the time it finishes in August.

Grab your tickets now to secure your chance to see the world’s most visited multi-sensory experience celebrate the world’s most famous artist.

Van Gogh Alive
The Grand Pavilion – Supreme Court Gardens, Perth
Exhibition continues to 3 July 2022

Following its Perth showing, Van Gogh Alive will be presented at Foreshore Park, Newcastle from 21 September until 23 October 2022. For more information, visit: for details.

Image: Van Gogh Alive (supplied)

Review: Craig Dalglish