Under My Skin

Next Wave 16 Under My Skin photo by Pippa SamayaA new, cutting-edge contemporary dance-theatre Company, The Delta Project invites us to explore what we choose to hide, and reveal, in their premiere work, Under My Skin presented as a part of the 2016 Next Wave Festival for a limited season from 5 May 2016.

Comprised of highly-trained deaf and hearing dancers, The Delta Project fuses both Auslan and spoken English into their compelling choreography. Driven by a philosophy of dance as a universal communicator, Jo Dunbar and Lina Limosani have created a powerful piece, crossing the divide between deaf and hearing cultures.

Interweaving personal stories from the dance artists involved, Under My Skin explores their interactions with the world. This mesmerising new work takes dancers and audiences alike into a new territory – one where language and experience are not common ground.

“The platform of dance theatre offers an exciting playground of possibilities by bringing together the artistic intelligence of new media, sound, lights, alongside a hearing and a deaf choreographer’s perspectives of creating work,” explains choreographer Jo Dunbar.

“In this piece, dance is a universal communicator that speaks across all lan-guages. The bringing of these artforms together provides not only access tools for the deaf dancers and audi-ences, but a possibility that dance theatre can be experienced in a new way.”

Choreographed by Jo Dunbar (an experienced deaf dancer and choreographer who trained in the UK and has worked with a range of dance companies including Strange Fruit and Deaf Can Dance), and choreographer/dancer Lina Limosani (who has worked locally and internationally with Australian Dance Theatre Lucy Guerin, Chunky Move and Scotland’s David Hughes Dance Company), Under My Skin brings together some of Melbourne’s most outstanding designers: new media artist Rhian Hinkley, lighting designer Richard Vabre and sound designer Russell Goldsmith.

Comprised of deaf and hearing performers, The Delta Project is a Melbourne-based company that has been formed to explore the technical and physical manifestations of bringing two distinct worlds together. Working with visuals and sound, they create performances that are accessible for both hearing and deaf audiences. Layered and revealing, Under My Skin challenges what it is to listen, and to be heard…

Choreographers: Jo Dunbar and Lina Limosani Dancers: Anna Seymour, Elvin Lam, Amanda Lever, Luigi Vescio New Media Artist: Rhian Hinkley Lighting Design: Richard Vabre Sound Artist: Russell Goldsmith

Under My Skin 
Arts House – North Melbourne Town Hall, 521 Queensberry Street, North Melbourne
Season: 5 – 8 May 2016
Bookings: (03) 9329 9422 or online at: 2016.nextwave.org.au

For more information, visit: www.artshouse.com.au or 2016.nextwave.org.au for details.

Image: The Delta Project’s Under My Skin – photo by Pippa Samaya