Ugly Virgins

The-Blue-Room-Theatre-Ugly-Virgins-photo-by-Daniel-James-GrantThe rough-and-ready sport of roller derby collides with the indie theatre world in the bold new show Ugly Virgins at The Blue Room Theatre this June.

Ugly Virgins is a new production created by up & coming Perth artists Sally Davies (A RegionWhere Nobody Goes) and Anna Lindstedt (The Wolves), whose company Lindstedt & Davies has partnered with award-winning local theatre makers Maiden Voyage Theatre Company (Toast) for an all-star collaboration.

Heaped together on the reject pile of life, the women of Ugly Virgins skate circles around shit dates, self-worth and sticking it to the man. How the hellare you supposed to win anything when you can’t get yourself out of the penalty box?

Originally slated to premiere in 2020 but delayed when the venue closed in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, Ugly Virgins brings together a cast of five women, including exciting emerging performers Courtney Cavallaro (The Wolves) and Mikayla Merks (Cloudstreet).

Together with Perth derby legend Wheels McCoy, former Captain of The Bloody Sundaes, the actors have spent the past six months learning the ins and outs of the sport and polishing up their skating skills before they take to the stage.

Featuring a hot-shot-team of hot-shot-designers determined to transform Perth’s beloved home of indie theatre into a derby rink, Ugly Virgins is the wheels-to-the-wall tournament of fun, fear and fury you won’t want to miss.

Co-Writers and Co-Directors: Sally Davies, Anna Lindstetd Featuring: Danielle Antaki, Courtney Cavallaro, Amber Kitney, Katie McAllister, Mikayla Merks Sound Designer and Composer: David Buckley Dramaturg: Alexa Taylor Skating Trainer and Consultant: Wheels McCoy Production Designer: Eilish Campbell Lighting Designer: Rhiannon Petersen Directing Mentor: Emily McLean Stage Manager: Maddy Mullins Producer: Maiden Voyage Theatre Company

Ugly Virgins
The Blue Room Theatre, 52 James Street, Northbridge
Season: 3 – 19 June 2021 (previews: 1 & 2 June)
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Image: Ugly Virgins – photo by Daniel James Grant