Two Hearts: We’re Pregnant And The Baby Is Music

MICF23-Two-HeartsPlanet Earth is facing serious challenges, from extremist political views to potential environmental collapse. NZ duo Two Hearts want to tackle some of the big issues facing humanity in their raucous offering We’re Pregnant And The Baby Is Music.

The band is singer Laura Daniel (NZ Taskmaster) with composer, backing vocalist, sometime unwitting antagonist and recently acquired husband Joseph Moore.

Cheekily calling themselves “New Zealand’s only pop stars” in their MICF blurb, Two Hearts have sold out shows in the UK and NZ. They have a lot to share with Melbourne on their first tour in years.

Moore has written some catchy tunes, and capably supported Daniel, who has attitude to burn in a quality vocal performance. Her range across the set went from rock-chick growl to an angelic delivery worthy of a song of praise (the least competitive category at the Grammy’s, and the band’s best chance at success).

The tunes in this very enjoyable set gave some different angles on pollution, advice for men on how to meet the needs of your woman, and unconventional shortcuts on how to live a gourmet life. There were plenty of original ideas in the adult content here, and many good laughs.

Add in costume changes, two screens with eye-catching videos, banks of lights, and a wind machine so that Daniel looks every bit the diva, and this a big show. Unfortunately, it’s also often loud in a pretty small space, and distortion of some lyrics blunted a few gags.

Get to the gig early so you’ll be near the front to catch the stage antics below eye level. And be prepared to be so pumped up by the bangers that, even though it’s a pretty late show, you’ll want to keep the party going afterwards.

Two Hearts: We’re Pregnant And The Baby Is Music
The Victoria Hotel (Acacia Room), 215 Lt Collins Street, Melbourne
Performance: Sunday 2 April 2023 – 9.15pm
Season continues to 23 April 2023
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Image: Joseph Moore and Laura Daniel are Two Hearts (supplied)

Review: Jason Whyte