Turn, Turn, Turn

AAR-TW-Turn-Turn-TurnA science-fiction exploration of nostalgia, tradition, and a journey to the next earth, Keith Gow presents Turn, Turn, Turn at Theatre Works: Explosives Factory this September.

Far in the future, another planet is dying… Writer Keith Gow and director Renee Palmer have created an intense, claustrophobic adrenaline-rush play about two couples desperate to get ahead in the migration from one planet to the next.

Crammed into a beaten-up spaceship, each couple dreamed of a better future on the new Earth Eight. Yet dragging old-world baggage with them, do they risk repeating the mistakes of past generations?

Turn, Turn, Turn tells a future story of nostalgia, passion, and privilege. and was first conceived as part of the writers Bake Off at the Darebin FUSE Festival in 2020, written during the lockdowns of 2021 and will debut at Theatre Works this September.

Director & Set Designer: Renee Palmer | Featuring: Melanie Audrey | Eben Rotjer | Sarah Hartnell | Sodi Murphy-Shrives | Production Manager & Dramaturg: Phoebe Taylor | Lighting Designer: Gabriel Bethune | Sound Designer: Patrick Slee | Costume Designer: Adele Cattenazzi | Writer & Producer: Keith Gow

Turn, Turn, Turn
Theatre Works: Explosives Factory, Rear 67 Inkerman Street, St Kilda
Season 14 – 23 September 2023 (preview: 13 September)
Information and Bookings: www.theatreworks.org.au

Image: Turn, Turn, Turn (supplied)