NWG Triumph photo by Pier CarthewGuiding us through a series of stories cut straight from the headlines that speak about the culture of celebrity victim-hood engulfing the post 9-11 world, Louris van de Geer’s Triumph will play fortyfivedownstairs in a premiere season from 19 February 2016.

Why do we make celebrities out of victims? Why do we give more love to those in pain? Louris van de Geer’s thrilling new play takes us into the world of famous frauds – people who play the victim in order to gain the sacred status of being a ‘survivor’.

Triumph is inspired by true stories – firstly that of Tania Head, the woman who pretended to have escaped the twin towers and lost her husband, whose fake story of triumph over adversity rang louder than those of the real survivors. Then there’s an exploration of Munchausen by Proxy, where a mother makes her daughter sick so they can both live in a constant state of victimhood and admiration.

Adventurous in form and deeply theatrical, Triumph is a radical piece of new writing for theatre. It is a play about career victims, who wear tragedy like a badge of honour – and the audience that loves them for it. A richly disturbing and enthralling new work that delves into the darker deceptions of modern civilisation to relish in glory of performing our pain.

Considered one of Australia’s best young writers, Louris van de Geer is developing a reputation as one of the most thrilling and imaginative new voices in theatre. Following the success of Tuesday and Hello There We’ve Been Waiting For You, this bold new play brings Louris’ distinctive lens and cruel humour to bear on a world that makes celebrities out of victims, only to watch them fall apart.

This will be the first production created by the New Working Group – an innovative new artistic ‘supergroup’ championing new local writing and adventurous theatre experiences in the independent sector.

Director: Mark Pritchard  Featuring: Aljin Abella, Syd Brisbane, Anouk Gleeson-Mead, Emma Hall, Leone White  Set & Costume Design: Romanie Harper  Lighting Design: Amelia Lever-Davidson  Sound Design: Chris Wenn  Production Manager: Kate Brennan  Assistant Stage Managers: Emma Legg and Eliza Quinn  Producers: Jillian McKeague and Sam Butterworth

fortyfivedownstairs, 45 Flinders Lane, Melbourne
Season: 19 – 28 February 2016 (preview: 18 February)
Bookings: (03) 9662 9966 or online at:

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Image: New Working Group’s Triumph – photo by Pier Carthew