Triptych – A Trilogy of New Works

TriptychTriptych – A Trilogy of New Works explores the world of pressure and success.  From our youngest moments to our dying day we all encounter pressure in our lives.  Pressure to survive, to be strong, to win, to make the right decisions, the forge the right path, to be successful – but what does ‘being successful’ even mean?

With mental health becoming an increasingly prominent issue for young people, CYT has teamed up with 3 of contemporary theatre’s most dynamic writers to explore these questions in ecclectic ways with artists in each of our age groups.

AWGIE award winning and internationally produced playwright, Lachlan Philpott (Silent DiscoTruckstop) is working with our senior artists in Run! Rihanna! Run! to be directed by CYT’s Artistic Director, Karla Conway.

Decades into the future, Australia’s coastline has been flooded from the rising seas, leaving only an island in the interior and a population desperate to save whatever is left. After over a year of being sea shovellers, Kyle and Ollie are promoted, and tasked with carrying highly valued cargo from the coastline to the new interior.

Struggling to contain their curiosity, the boys fall off the approved roads, left to navigate the journey by themselves. When they come across a hitchhiker on the road, everything they thought they knew begins to crumble as the rumble of the tide rolls in.

Griffin Theatre Associate Playwright and Rodney Seaborn Playwrighting Award winner, Jessica Bellamy (SproutBat Eyes) is collaborating with our teen artists in Fight or Flight to be directed by Remy Graham-Throssell.

A dispirit group of teens all receive a mysterious text message at the same time, calling them to the top of a hill on the edge of town. Armed with little more than their phones and their curiosity, they make their way up.

Trapped, they discover a ticking egg in the debris atop the hill that only they can hear. Using only each other, they have to dig deep to find their way off the hill to safety, before the ticking stops.

Emerging Canberran playwright, Olivia Hewson (A Frogs BodyRetrieval) is working with CYT’s young actors in Bona Mors to be directed by Jessica Alexander.

Based on the myth of Persephone, Bona Mors is a play about Remy, a young girl who represents the underworld – misunderstood, lonely and longing for a friend, she uses her powers to entice potential new friend, Nick, to come and play in her cabaret kingdom, but learns a thing or two about life in the process.

Triptych – A Trilogy of New Works 
C Block Theatre, Gorman House Arts Centre, Batman Street, Braddon, ACT
Season: 31 October – 9 November 2013
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Image: courtesy of Canberra Youth Theatre