Arts House Tremor - photo by Trent DyerSound creates movement, movement creates sound: when the resonant frequency of a thing, system, or even a person is reached, it sings in sympathy. When the amplitude is too great, it breaks.

Created by Ashley Dyer, Tremor is a multi-artform performance that examines the movement associated with vibration and the relationship between a buildup of pressure on the body and the planet.

With a large team of collaborators, Dyer has invented and constructed a custom-built 8m x 8m vibrating floor comprising 13 shake tables and over 230 metal poles. When the shake tables are charged with audible and sub-sonic sound they vibrate the metal poles making them move in simple choreographed patterns and they also resonate additional sound for Nigel Brown’s sound score.

Immersed within a grassland of metal poles, three female dancers (Kristy Ayre, Nat Cursio and Jo White) move in mesmeric but simple ways to create a performance that complements the motion and sound of the kinetic sculpture/musical instrument.

The third work in a series of dance-portraits, Tremor is a unique and idiosyncratic venture into the natural, the constructed, the individual and the environment – it is heard and felt through the whole body.

Dyer has a reputation for challenging, confronting and poetically intriguing works that merge the unexpected with unexpected beauty, including Life Support (2013), Nothing to See Here (2014), The Chat (2015) and SK!N (2016).

Lead Artist: Ashley Dyer Principal Dancer: Kristy Ayre Dancers: Nat Cursio and Jo White Performers & Assistants: Lindsay Templeton and James Hogan Set Design: Jason Lehane Lighting Designer: Travis Hodgson Sound Designer: Nigel Brown Production Manager: Govin Ruben

Arts House, 521 Queensberry Street, North Melbourne
Performances: 16 – 20 November 2016
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Image: Tremor – photo by Trent Dyer