Fever103-Theatre-TreatsExploring the hilarious and heartbreaking ways we struggle to navigate our emotional, platonic and erotic entanglements, Fever103 Theatre presents Treats by award-winning English Playwright Christopher Hampton at the Southbank Theatre for a limited season from 8 April 2021.

1972. Within the walls of a dilapidated English flat, journalist Ann’s docile existence with her partner Patrick is upended when her former lover Dave returns from the rubble of Cyprus to find his life in London in disarray, and his existence replaced with that of the “feeble” Patrick.

As the two men attempt to navigate the absurdity of their newfound coexistence, Ann finds herself confined within a testosterone fuelled bull-ring of belittling mockery and merciless revelations of home truths.

Directed by Fever103 Theatre’s Artistic Director Monique Marani and starring Ashleigh Coleman (Eyes Wide Woke), Nicholas Jaquinot (One Punch), and James Martin (Much Ado About Nothing), Treats packs the wit of Oscar Wilde and Hampton’s signature pathos into one explosive ‘Bermuda Love Triangle’ of deception, tenderness, and rage. Who will you love and who will you loathe?

Treats is equal parts laugh out loud funny and gut wrenchingly sad, exposing the deeply human ways in which we behave in the pursuit of our desires. Marani describes the play as “Theatre that will move the soul, not just the mind – because, for better or worse, there are parts of ourselves we will see in all of these characters onstage.”

Founded in 2020, Fever103 Theatre is dedicated to producing live-arts that both inspire and challenge. Through our art, we welcome audiences to explore and celebrate life and all its complexities through the raw poetry of the stage. It is our privilege to create microcosms of our world through our art and we are proud to give voices to young and emerging Australian artists in a world that needs them most.

Director: Monique Marani Featuring: Ashleigh Coleman, Nicholas Jaquinot, James Martin Lighting & Set Designer: Georgie Wolfe Sound Designers: Chelsea De Witt, Daniella A. Esposito Videographer: Jordan Blanch Stunt & Intimacy Choreographer: Georgia Kate Bell Producer & Production Manager: Harry Dowling Stage Manager: Oliver Scholast Graphic Designer: Sarah Zjilstra

The Lawler – Southbank Theatre, 140 Southbank Blvd, Southbank
Season: 8 – 11 April 2021

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Image: James Martin, Ashleigh Coleman and Nicholas Jaquinot star in Treats – photo by Sarah Zjilstra