Tomorrow, When the War Began

Ambience Entertainment Tomorrow When The War Began ABC 3Based on the best-selling novels of John Marsden, Tomorrow, When the War Began is a thrilling six-part drama series to screen on ABC 3 from Saturday 23 April 2016.

This new action series tells the story of a group of young friends whose lives are changed forever when their hometown becomes a warzone. Overcoming seemingly insurmountable odds, they discover that in order to save the things they hold most precious, they must be prepared to sacrifice everything.

Amidst the precarious and ever changing balance of power in the vast Pacific region, authoritarian governments with nuclear capability are strong-arming their more vulnerable neighbours in a relentless quest for more land and resources. And now the unthinkable has happened: Australia is suddenly invaded by a newly formed ‘Asian Coalition’ intent on seizing control of all of her resources and enslaving the population.

The unsuspecting Australian military is quickly overwhelmed and none of Australia’s allies, including the US, are immediately willing to risk possible nuclear war to come to her aid. In the middle of this terrifying chaos, a group of teenage friends returning from a remote camping trip find themselves thrust into the middle of a war no one saw coming.

Completely unprepared and cut off from the world they knew before, they find themselves among the few remaining free citizens left to stand up to the invading army, to take back their homeland. In a time of rapidly changing world events, the themes of Tomorrow, When the War Began have never been more relevant.

Based on the best-selling novels of John Marsden, and directed by Brendan Maher (The Secret Life of Us, Upstairs, Downstairs, Spartacus, Spooks), Tomorrow, When the War Began features Molly Daniels (You’re Skitting Me, The Librarians) as Ellie, Jon Prasida (Hiding) as Lee, Narek Arman (Packed to the Rafters, Dance Academy) as Homer, Madeleine Madden (The Code, Redfern Now) as Corrie, Fantine Banulski (Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries, You’re Skitting Me) as Robyn, Keith Purcell (Neighbours) as Chris, Madeleine Clunies-Ross as Fi and Andrew Creer as Kevin.

They will be joined by a line up of acclaimed Australian actors including Sibylla Budd (Winners and Losers, The Secret Life of Us), Deborah Mailman (Redfern Now, Black Comedy, Offspring), James Stewart (Hiding, Packed to the Rafters) and Alison Bell (Offspring, Laid).

Tomorrow, When the War Began screens on ABC 3 from Saturday 23 April 2016 – 7.30pm. For more information, visit: for details, or checkout the trailer below.

Image: production still from Tomorrow, When the War Began – courtesy of Ambience Entertainment