The Blue Room Tissue - photo by Simon PyntIn a world simultaneously soaked with sex, pornography, hook-up apps, sexism and slut shaming, how do young people today navigate physical relationships? This is the stark question explored in Tissue – premiering at The Blue Room Theatre in November 2016.

Created by emerging theatre makers Tim Green and Samantha Maclean with a formidable cast of hot young actors, Tissue is using social media and real life experiences to shine a light on how relationships are affected by exposure to sex and pornography in media and popular culture.

“It’s a really tricky time to be young, single and working out how to navigate all of the potential mines in contemporary culture,” said co-creator Tim Green. “We’re so quick to judge; to call people out on their behaviour behind closed doors, even though we may be doing exactly the same things ourselves.”

Featuring Ann Marie Biagioni, Elijah Melvin and Taryn Ryan, Tissue bravely explores current attitudes towards sexuality, pornography and popular culture, drawing on scientific and sociological research and personal stories.

“We want to create a series of stories that ask some difficult questions and perhaps even provide some difficult answers,” said Green. “We want to open up the conversation and encourage healthy debate; we want to explore these issues from an unashamedly 20-something perspective, as our take on these matters often gets ignored in public debate.”

Co-Directors: Tim Green, Samantha Maclean Featuring: Ann-Marie Biagioni, Elijah Melvin, Taryn Ryan Composer: Leanne Puttick Producer: Clara Loveny

The Blue Room Theatre, 53 James Street, Northbridge (Perth)
Season: 8 – 26 November 2016
Information and Bookings: www.blueroom.org.au

Image: Tissue – photo by Simon Pynt