Time Over Distance Over Time

Riverside Parramatta Time Over Distance Over Time photo by Luca TruffarelliDirect from the esteemed Dublin Dance Festival, FORM Dance Projects and Riverside Theatres will present Time Over Distance Over Time – a new contemporary dance work from the Liz Roche Company in the Lennox Theatre from 22 to 25 June 2016.

Time Over Distance Over Time will see a cast of six performers wrestle with the physical and emotional distances they encounter while living at opposite ends of the planet. Through dance, interactive digital projections and film, the production will question the role of technology as a substitute for face-to-face interactions and explore how distances may actually be increasing in a world that is supposed to be getting smaller.

“Creating this piece with performers living in different countries has been a new experience for me as the core ideas of the piece, managing relationships over distance, are constantly at play,” says choreographer Liz Roche. “Luckily this is a group of performers who know each other well and although we are now separated by great distances, we can rely on that shared history to bind us together.”

Established in 1999, leading Irish dance company Liz Roche Company is led by Choreographer and Artistic Director Liz Roche who produces a diverse program of innovative dance productions that examine social and cultural constructs and the intensity of physical connections and boundaries.

With an exceptional team of artists based in both Ireland and Australia, Time Over Distance Over Time is a current, dynamic and thought-provoking work that is not to be missed!

“Roche has ownership of the stage… her choreographic dexterity is at its height.” – The Irish Times

Choreography: Liz Roche Performers: Simone Litchfield, Grant McLay, Henry Montes, Jenny Roche, Liz Roche, Kevin Coquelard, Rahel Vonmoos Composition: Ray Harman Film and Sound: Luca Truffarelli Interactive Visual Design: Jared Donovan Lighting Design: Aideen Malone Set Consultant: Paul O’Mahony

Time Over Distance Over Time
Lennox Theatre – Riverside Theatres, Corner Church and Market Streets, Parramatta
Season: 22 – 25 June 2016
Information and Bookings: www.riversideparramatta.com.au

Image: Liz Roche Company present Time Over Distance Over Time – photo by Luca Truffarelli