Three Sisters

Sport for Jove Three Sisters photo by Marnya RotheA brand new Australian translation of one of theatre’s defining works, Sport For Jove Theatre presents Anton Chekhov’s Three Sisters at the Seymour Centre from 28 July 2016.

Anton Chekhov wrote plays for Russia about Russia, and in the process proved that Russia is everywhere, in everything and everyone, and that life can be lived as thoroughly on the stage as it is off, from its inconspicuous details to its most searing joys and traumas.

Translated by Karen Vickery (Chekhov’s Jubilee (STC)), Sport For Jove’s Three Sisters is a brilliant recreation of a universal masterpiece by one the world’s greatest playwrights, and tells the moving story of the Prozorov family in an emotionally charged portrait of life, our dreams and trivial realities, exposing the ordinary and extraordinary flux of the human experience.

Olga, Masha, Irina and Andrey Prozorov have aspirational dreams of returning to the whirl of living in what they remember as a glamorous Moscow. Visiting the sisters at four different moments in their lives over a span of four years, the play is a humorous and forensic revelation of ordinary people living their lives in the wearing ‘everydayness’ we all know of while dreaming of something and somewhere that may be more exciting.

Directed by Kevin Jackson (A Hard God (Nimrod)), Three Sisters will star an immensely talented cast including Janine Watson, Paige Gardiner, Zoe Jensen, Tom Campbell, Lauren Richardson, Graeme McRae, Ken Moraleda, Dorje Swallow, Michael McStay, Shane Russon, Nicholas Hope, Justin Stewart-Cotta, Lyn Pierse and John Grinston.

“This is one of the most significant pieces of work our little theatre company has attempted,” said Sport For Jove’s Artistic Director, Damien Ryan. “The intimacy of the Reginald Theatre, the depth and precision of the play and its devastating flares of emotion and spirit remind me of why we go to the theatre in the first place.”

The Three Sisters is the culmination of The Anton Project – a study of Chekhov’s life and work that has drawn audiences and artists together throughout the year to further explore the influences and factors shaping the play.

Three Sisters
The Reginald Theatre – Seymour Centre, Corner City Road and Cleveland Street, Chippendale
Season: 30 July – 12 August 2016 (previews: 28 & 29 July)

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Image: Sport for Jove presents Three Sisters – photo by Marnya Rothe