Thomas Dambo’s Giants makes its way to Subiaco and Mandurah

FORM Building a State of Creativity and the City of Subiaco have announced that one of Thomas Dambo’s Giants has made its way to the leafy suburb.

On display for 12 months, the Giant is part of an Australian-first exhibition by world-renowned Danish artist Thomas Dambo called the Giants of Mandurah.

“After accidentally being separated from their Giant friends, this particularly curious Giant has wandered off on their very own adventure,” said artist Thomas Dambo.

“We have it on very good authority that after embarking on a long journey from Mandurah and seeing many of the beautiful sites of Western Australia, it is due to arrive in the leafy surrounds of Subiaco on the 12th of November.”

The Giants of Mandurah features a number of Dambo’s whimsical wooden creatures that have been installed in secret locations throughout the City of Mandurah, plus one in Subiaco, for visitors to discover, with the help of a trail map and traveller’s companion.

The exhibition has been designed by the artist to be a journey of self-discovery and a game for the young and young-at-heart.

“The City of Subiaco is excited to be bringing the international magic of Giants to our corner of WA,” said City of Subiaco Mayor, David McMullen. “I encourage everyone of all ages to come along on this captivating journey of discovery to find our Giant.”

“While you’re here, experience our heritage and enjoy everything that Subiaco has to offer. Discover a new or award-winning bar or eatery, an independent retailer or one of our many beautiful parks and grounds.”

Both an artist and environmental activist, Dambo’s artistic practice celebrates the diversity, beauty and importance of the natural world, using recycled and locally sourced materials in his creations.

Dambo has previously exhibited his larger-than-life wooden sculptures throughout the world, including in his home country of Denmark, as well as Chile, China, France, Germany, South Korea and the United States of America.

“FORM is excited to be working with Thomas Dambo and our partners, including the State Government, City of Mandurah and City of Subiaco, to bring Thomas Dambo’s Giants of Mandurah to life,” said FORM’s CEO Tabitha McMullan.

“This project will highlight important local stories, connecting Western Australia to the artist’s global narrative. As a free-to-view outdoor sculpture trail, it will also provide access to arts and culture for thousands of people, transforming the traditional gallery experience, and encouraging people to reconnect with nature and one another.”

Thomas Dambo is considered the world’s leading recycle artist, having been taught from a young age the value of recycling, sustainability, and unlimited imagination. Previously, Dambo has led a multifaceted life that allowed him to express his creativity via music, street art, and scenic design.

After graduating from the Kolding Design School with a master’s degree in interactive design, Dambo began his current journey of using recycled materials to create colourful art installations, building the foundation for his artwork today.

Dambo’s high level of creativity drives the creation of highly interactive experiences, allowing users to express their own individuality on a large scale. From gardens made of recycled plastics to a functioning DIY Christmas market made from commercial refuse, Dambo creates experiences that are immersive, interactive, and awe-inspiring.

Today, Dambo is known internationally for his larger-than-life sculptures that are all made from recycled wood. With 87 sculptures all over the world, these have begun to have a life of their own.

Dambo’s vision is to create art that inspires people to go explore, have adventures in nature, and demonstrates that trash can be turned into something beautiful.

For more information about the Giants of Mandurah project, visit: for details.

Image: Artist Thomas Dambo with one of his Giants in Belgium (supplied)