This is Eden

HHT_This is EdenInspired by stories of the female convict crime class, Emily Goddard’s This is Eden gives life to an extraordinary tale that has conveniently escaped our history lesson at Wodonga’s The Butter Factory Theatre from 11 August 2015.

1839. In a solitary cell in Cascades Female Factory in Hobart Town at the bottom of the world, a ‘sleek little savage’ waits alone in the darkness.  On the edge of survival, ankle deep in mud, she plots escape, plans a riot and in biting mockery, rehearses an elaborate, ribald tale for her captors.

One in seven Australians have convict ancestry, and This is Eden brings to life with bawdy humour, an examination of this often overlooked section of our history.  Brilliant actor and theatre maker, Emily Goddard (Moth, Elling), together with director Susie Dee (The Berry Man, Savages), will tread a fine line between grotesque and charming mockery in an extraordinary tale of rebellion and survival.

This is Eden employs the French clowning technique of Bouffon, where outcasts mock, ridicule and provoke those in power. A perfect performance method for this quintessentially Australian story, and promises to be an indelicately comic look at this pivotal part of our nation’s history.

Director: Susie Dee  Writer & Performer: Emily Goddard  Composer & Sound Designer: Ian Moorhead  Lighting Designer: Gina Gascoigne

This is Eden
The Butter Factory Theatre, Gateway Island, Lincoln Causeway, Wodonga
Season: 11 – 15 August 2015
Bookings: (02) 6021 7433 or online at:

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Image: Emily Goddard in This is Eden