Things That Get My Goat

MF21-Things-That-Get-My-Goat-Luke-Belle-(film-still)Luke Belle’s Things That Get My Goat is an all singing, high energy spectacular, dripping in witty camp sass.

After such exhaustingly long periods in isolation, many have begun to reflect on the world around them and none more so than Luke Belle – channeling their frustrations straight to the source.

Belle has seamlessly captured their presence and over the top style of performance into a short and sharp digital work of comedic storytelling.

By breaking the fourth wall early, Belle let’s their audience in on the joke and bounces them from story to story with cheeky glee.

The work is cleverly divided up into small vignettes, each with a unique style and format, allowing the work to sustain its freshness and gives Belle a chance to showcase and try out different styles of performance.

Some moments fall a little flat or become stuck in repetition but this is more due to the fact that Belle would thrive off a live audience.

Without that instant connection with an audience, the work loses a natural rhythm and pace – giving the performer an opportunity to edit on the fly.

With musical interludes, slick production and hilarious one liners, Things That Get My Goat truly embodies the ambitious “just try it and see” attitude of this year’s digital fringe.

Things That Get My Goat
Melbourne Fringe Digital On Demand
Season continues to 17 October 2021
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Image: Luke Belle in Things That Get My Goat (promo trailer still)

Review: Gavin Roach