Theatre Royal Chief Executive Officer Simon Wellington to step down

Theatre Royal Simon Wellington photo by Nikki Davis-JonesThe Theatre Royal (Hobart) has announced that Simon Wellington will be stepping down as its Chief Executive Officer (CEO) in early June, after several successful years leading the organisation at a crucial time in its history.

Commencing in August 2021, in conjunction with the opening of The Hedberg performing arts centre, Simon has overseen a significant expansion of the Theatre Royal’s operations including programming a diverse, high-quality performing arts season across multiple new venues.

Over the past few years, Simon has focussed on developing the Theatre Royal into a more accessible, relevant, and engaged organisation for Tasmanian artists and audiences.

He has implemented a broad range of new initiatives such as affordable ticket schemes and the Staycation school holiday program, which aims to increase creative participation for young people.

New programming partnerships with local festivals and events, and with the University of Tasmania, have realised the Theatre’s ambition to create a vibrant centre for ideas and culture at The Hedberg.

The Theatre’s work has also broken beyond its venue walls, supporting projects such as Nunami Sculthorpe-Green’s takara nipaluna, a First Nations walking tour of Nipaluna/Hobart.

“It’s been an absolute joy to work at the Theatre Royal and have an opportunity to rethink the role that this iconic institution can play in our city, and in the cultural life of Tasmanians,” said Mr Wellington.

“The Theatre Royal is now a performing arts centre that is a hub for artists and the creative sector, that delivers a broad range of cultural activities for our community, and makes a huge contribution to the local economy through employment and visitors to the city.”

“I am looking forward to continuing to work with the Theatre Royal team through my new role as Executive Producer at Performing Lines, a national organisation that produces and tours the work of performance artists from around Australia,” said Mr Wellington.

“Simon leaves the Theatre with a renewed brand, a clear vision for our future, and a three-year Strategic Plan, enabling the Theatre Royal to play a key leadership role within the Tasmanian creative sector. It’s a great position from which our next CEO can continue to lead,” said Theatre Royal Chair, Tania Price.

The Theatre Royal Management Board has appointed Tony Grierson from AEGEUS to conduct a national search for our next Chief Executive. For more information, please contact Tony at

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Image: Simon Wellington – photo by Nikki Davis-Jones