The worlds of science and theatre collide in Back to Back

Q Theatre Back to BackThe worlds of science and theatre will collide this March at the Joan Sutherland Performing Arts Centre with the double bill theatre extravaganza, Back to Back.

Produced by Q Theatre, The Joan’s resident theatre program creating unique works for, and from, the heart of Penrith, and presented by Nathan Harrison and Rachel Roberts, the  double bill will feature How I Saved the Western Black Rhino – an uplifting call to action on wildlife extinction, alongside Everything You Ever Wanted – a work exploring extreme diet culture.

In the history of the earth there have been five mass extinction events, the most famous of which is the dinosaurs. With the current extinction rate thousands of times higher than normal, we might be in the middle of the sixth – and this one is being caused by us.

In How I Saved The Western Black Rhino, Nathan Harrison’s incredible solo performance looks at this current crisis and explores the daunting complexity of wildlife conservation – along with the uplifting story of travelling to Africa to try to save one of the last Western Black Rhinos in existence.

Everything You Ever Wanted is a deeply personal exploration of the touchy subjects of diet culture and disordered eating. Joining the voices of fat activists and scientists before her, future-dietitian-turned-theatre maker Rachel Roberts places herself under the microscope in this deeply personal exploration of diet culture and disordered eating.

“Two shows, one ticket, one great night – what more could you ask for?” said Creative Producer, Nick Atkins. “These fantastic productions blend the best parts of science and theatre into an incredible show that is as entertaining as it is educational.”

Back to Back – Q Theatre
Joan Sutherland Performing Arts Centre, 597 High Street, Penrith
Season continues to 24 March 2018
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Image: Rachel Roberts and Nathan Harrison (supplied)