The White Mermaid or The Little Lotus: A Musical Fable

The-White-Mermaid-Trevor-Ashley-as-Tania-McMermaid-photo-by-John-McRaeFrom the team that brought you Moulin Scrooge! comes a fabulous aquatic fantasy for adults only, The White Mermaid or The Little Lotus: A Musical Fable plays the Seymour Centre this December.

Prepare to be transported to the magical world beneath the waves, where the vivacious Tania McMermaid (Trevor Ashley) takes centre stage.

In this heart-warming story, Tania finds solace after a recent loss as she checks into the opulent and mysterious hotel, The Little Lotus. Little does she know, this will be the setting for a life-changing adventure, where destiny and love intertwine.

Weaving her way through this underwater paradise, Tania’s path collides with that of a handsome Italian Prince, setting the stage for a captivating romance that will leave audiences and the actors breathless.

But beware! Lurking in the shadows is the malevolent sea witch, Gaviscon (the legendary Carlotta), determined to thwart Tania’s hopes and dreams.

Will Tania overcome the challenges thrown her way? Will she find true love with the character formerly known as Prince? Will the evil sea witch shatter her hopes forever? Or will a live action remake kill the whole thing!?

Join us underwater for a brimming tale of laughter, love, and a pinch of saltwater magic in The White Mermaid or The Little Lotus. Prepare to be delightfully offended Sydney!

Director: Trevor Ashley | Featuring: Trevor Ashley, Jakob Ambrose, Stephen Madsen, Jarrod Moore, Carlotta AM | Lighting Designer: Sam Wylie | Costume Designer: Angie White | Choreography: Heath Keating | Writers: Phil Scott and Trevor Ashley

The White Mermaid or The Little Lotus: A Musical Fable
Reginald Theatre – Seymour Centre, Corner City Road and Cleveland Street, Chippendale (Sydney)
Season continues to 23 December 2023
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Image: Trevor Ashley as Tania McMermaid – photo by John McRae