The Subtle Art of Flirting

TP_The Subtle Art of Flirting_editorialOffering an all new take on love, sex, flirting and dating in the modern era, Tunks Productions present The Subtle Art of Flirting, Sunday nights at The Butterfly Club until 9 August 2015.

The central characters in the play form the eight sides of an intertwined love-octagon. Their love stories are messy, hilarious and incredibly familiar to anyone who has dated in the past 20 years. This chemistry further developed by a revolving cast who approach the show with their own on-and-off stage entanglements.

The Subtle Art of Flirting was first published ten years ago. Wayne Tunks (Writer, Director, sometime cast member) developed the first incarnation just before the proliferation of dating apps and the smorgasbord of ‘matching’ websites currently around.

“This show is one of my absolute favourites to work on,” says Tunks. “Whether our audiences are with a bunch of mates looking for a good night out, or on their first tinder date, they will walk away with a smile on their faces. They will spend an our laughing at their own romantic highs and lows, played out on stage.”

The Subtle Art of Flirting is playful with convention. No two performances feature the same performers, so each presentation plays with the very concept of on-and-off stage chemistry. Each individual performance is a unique, one-off occurrence guaranteed to have audiences rolling in the aisles.

“We are working with a cast who bring their own romantic realities to the stage,” says Tunks. “We have a real life couple. We have a real-life ex-couple. We have someone who fell in love with the show years ago and is now an integral part of it.”

Writer / Director: Wayne Tunks  Cast includes: Jacob Antolini, Cazz Bainbridge, Kristina Benton,  Charlotte Fox, Catherine Glavicic, Hannah Gott, Katharine Innes, Josh Karlick, Thomas Kay, Ross Larkin, Jennifer Monk, Ben Noble, Liam Seymour, Wayne Tunks, Jana Wilkes, Samuel Yeo  Technical Director: Kate Kelly  Assistant Director: Perri Cummings

The Subtle Art of Flirting
The Butterfly Club, 5 Carson Place, Melbourne
Performances: Every Sunday night until 9 August 2015 – 9.30pm
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Image: Thomas Kay, Ross Larkin, Catherine Glavicic and Kristina Benton in The Subtle Art of Flirting – photo by Evan Crain