The Space Between

The Space Between editorialArchitectural inspirations stairs, buildings, windows are narrative anchors in the otherwise abstract, a representation of the self in the process of individuality are explored in Jasmine Mansbridge’s latest exhibition, The Space Between at Prahran’s Rtist Gallery until 5 June 2014

Currently residing in Hamilton, Victoria, Jasmine’s most recent work marks a departure from her earlier candy kaleidoscope landscapes, presenting solo structures and forms that exist amongst rich, evocative hues. Painting began as a past-time for Jasmine at the age of seventeen, but has blossomed through passion and dedication into her way of exploring life, experiences, and memories.

“Although we are all human, it is our experiences in life that set us apart and makes us unique,” says Mansbridge. “I am interested in sharing my own experiences and making sense of both the difficult and beautiful things, and the bittersweet things, that make up a life.”

Throughout her years of living in Australia, she has travelled and lived in several states across the country, witnessing a vastness in culture and nature that greatly influences her creations. With a New York Exhibition now under her belt, Mansbridge’s latest solo exhibition visually explores the similarities and di­fferences in the experienced self through a multitude of textures and shapes.

The Space Between  
Rtist Gallery, 29 St Edmonds Road, Prahran
Exhibition continues to 5 June 2014

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Image: courtesy of Jasmine Mansbridge