The River That Ran Uphill 

SOH Edgell Junior in The River That Ran Uphill photo by Andy RasheedA tiny girl finds strength to survive the wildest of winds and raging rivers in The River That Ran Uphill – a triumphant true tale from South Australia’s trailblazing theatre company Slingsby in the Playhouse – Sydney Opera House this July.

Do you know the story of the river that ran uphill? With a cyclone at its centre, this is a story of the collision between nature and humanity set in the Pacific Islands.

Our young protagonist demonstrates courage in the face of adversity to remind us how important it is to come together as a community in our weakest moments. It’s a story that shows audiences, young and old, how the seemingly impossible can become possible when we work together.

In 2015, Cyclone Pam ravaged the South Pacific. Edgell Junior, a Ni-Vanuatu man from Pentecost Island and member of Slingsby’s Flying Squad ensemble, experienced and survived Cyclone Pam and its aftermath. Based on his lived experience, this moving production emphasises the real importance of community cooperation and resilience.

The River That Ran Uphill will drop you right in the eye of the storm. As the waters rise, this story carries forward a message of warning and, perhaps, a raft of hope.

“A unique and brave piece of theatre with a courageous actor who leads this devastating story to its climax.” – Glam Adelaide

Directors: Andy Packer, Clara Solly-Slade | Featuring: Edgell Junior, Elleni Karagiannidis, Jennifer Stefanidis, Darian Tregenza | Designer: Wendy Todd, Slingsby’s Flying Squad | Costume Designer: Ailsa Paterson | Lighting Designer: Darian Tregenza | Composer: Quincy Grant | Writer: Edgell Junior | Translator: Sasha Zahra | Creators: Slingsby’s Flying Squad – Edgell Junior, Alexis West, Delia Olam, Elleni Karagiannidis, Jennifer Stefanidis, Joshua Campton

The River That Ran Uphill 
Playhouse – Sydney Opera House, Bennelong Point, Sydney
Performances: 25 – 27 July 2024
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Image: Edgell Junior in The River That Ran Uphill – photo by Andy Rasheed