The Reason People Love Fountain Pens So Much 

Fountain-PenThe first fountain pen was invented in the 1800s, and many people have started using it ever since. They’ve been around for a long time, and while the ballpoint pen is now more popular than these vintage-looking tools, they still provide a great experience for pen lovers. In fact, many business people or other professionals would prefer fountain pens over other kinds. 

There are many qualities and perks of owning and using fountain pens. If you want to get rid of the hand cramp because of holding the biro of a usual pen, you can escape that when you use a fountain pen instead.

The key is to check Fountain Pens & Accessories – Goldspot Pens and other reputable stationery suppliers to get the best-quality ones. Whether you’re buying a fountain pen for yourself or as a gift, there are many reasons why these pens are a must-keep. Check out some below: 

Statement Piece:
An office would need to have stationery products to make it look more professional and legit. By investing in fountain pens, you give your office that additional aesthetical oomph that no ordinary ballpoint pens can. Simply put, fountain pens can be used as a statement piece in your office, acting as a prop and decorative element at the same time.  

Fountain pens are no longer seen as standard writing tools for everyday use but rather as accessories. As email and text become the primary communication tools, a fountain pen allows you to write the old-fashioned way. It allows you to transition to the older era and age when writing traditionally is still the way to communicate.  

If you’re inviting some business partners, vendors, and clients over to your office, you’ll be able to leave a good impression through your fountain pen. It shows the people you work with and how committed you are to your work. Now that you think about it, this is for that reason why most business-people always use a fountain pen when signing contracts and whatnot. 

Great Craftmanship:
Using a fountain pen should be right up your alley if you love art and craftsmanship. Humans still play an important role in the design and production of fountain pens. It’s something that sets them apart from massive-produced ballpoint pens. Creating a fountain pen requires precision, skill, and craftsmanship.  

A team of people must decide the pen’s purpose, audience, and characteristics before it can be designed, regardless of whether it is high-end or mass-production. They come with different components and parts that are complex to make and put together. From their internal parts to the ink and the hardware, each fountain pen is handcrafted to perfection and precision. 

When making this product, a crafter and maker should assemble the metal hardware, nibs, ink-filling component, feeds, and tuning. Depending on the design, there could be more materials and parts needed.

Fountain pens will continue to work largely as they do today despite the shift to new technologies and digital processes. If you want something that’s crafted in a complex but perfect manner, go for a high-quality fountain pen. 

Great Writing Experience:
If you’ve tried using a fountain pen when writing something, you can instantly tell the difference between using it and the other kinds of pens. With a fountain pen, ink glides smoothly over the page, resulting in beautiful strokes and less paper pressure. The nib, hold, and angle of the pen can also be adjusted to create a more unique writing style.   

And there’s also the factor of being able to write relaxed since there would be less friction, and you won’t have the pen’s biro intact with your skin. It prevents hand cramps, allowing you to have an overall great writing experience no matter how long you need to write.

Improves Handwriting:
You shouldn’t feel embarrassed to admit if you may not have the most elegant and clear-looking handwriting. But you’ll be surprised to see how a fountain pen can instantly elevate and improve your handwriting. If you’ve tried all kinds of pens yet still feel your handwriting looks all the same in them, you should try using a fountain pen.  

Tools can impact your handwriting style, and that’s a fact. The writing quality of the pen will influence your handwriting. As fountain pens are the easiest to write with, your handwriting will appear as effortless as it is.

It’s also more dynamic to write with fountain pens. The nib size and design can be adjusted to fit your hand, which will then change the way you write. This can improve the way your handwritten words will look on paper.  

Personalized Style:
Writing something is always a personal experience. And if you want to contribute more to that personalized experience, using a fountain pen can give justice to it. They can be customized to suit your preferences and needs. With too many options to choose from in the market today, you can find one that’s perfectly matched to your taste.  

If you wish, you can change the size and shape of the nib tip, as well as the color of the ink cartridge, depending on how you wish to write. Nibs of fountain pens also gently adapt to the angle and pressure you prefer over time to get a pen that suits your handwriting perfectly.

The key is finding the best fountain pen to make your handwriting appear more precise, clear, and flawless. And if you want to go all out on customized features, you can always engrave your initials to your fountain pen to make it originally yours.  

Supports Small Businesses:
If you love shopping locally and supporting small businesses, there’s no reason not to buy fountain pens. Despite the decline of fountain brands, there’s actually a growing number of small manufacturers. As mentioned, this niche business is usually done by crafters who have mastered it for many years.  

Some independent pen-turners either make a living out of their hobby or earn a few pennies. Patronize their art and craft, and you can help preserve the longevity of the fountain pen industry. After all, it’s a great product worth keeping in the market for decades to come. 

Even if you prefer ordering internationally, the internet allows you to order your pen from anywhere in the world. You won’t run short of choices where to buy them. You can do your research on different small businesses or freelancer pen enthusiasts who trades special fountain pens.   

So, there you go; the above reasons are enough to inspire you to give fountain pens a try. Whether you’re looking for an addition to your collection or giving it to someone as a gift, you can’t go wrong with fountain pens.

Perhaps you want to use fountain pens to make art and sell them online; you’ll be surprised at how they’d look on canvas or paper. There are many designs, colors, and features to choose from, so enjoy shopping for the best one.