The Plan (And Other Plans)

HotHouse-Theatre-The-Plan-and-Other-Plans-Bridie-Connell-and-Grace-RouvrayA hilarious new play that promises to captivate audiences with humour and heart, HotHouse Theatre proudly announces the world premiere production of The Plan (and Other Plans) from 19 – 23 March 2024.

Written and performed by comedy duo Bridie Connell and Grace Rouvray, known for their work on Tonightly with Tom Ballard and Netflix’ 600 Bottles of Wine, respectively, The Plan (and Other Plans) delves into the complexities of family dynamics, loss, and the journey of growing up – twice.

The Plan (and Other Plans) follows the lives of Rosie and Gen, as they navigate the challenges that arise when their Paul Kelly-obsessed father falls ill. Alternating between caring for their father and maintaining their own lives, Rosie and Gen confront the realities of adulthood while realising they can’t control everything the way they plan.

“Hilarity gives way to beauty and truth as a family who have spent the better part of their lives avoiding the hard conversations finally have to face reality together. It’s a deeply funny, playful, joyous and moving journey to witness,” said HotHouse Theatre Artistic Director, Karla Conway.

Leading the company on stage is Albury Wodonga performer and playwright, Grace Rouvray and also featuring Albury local, Kerryn Beatty.

Grace previously starred in HotHouse productions as a teenager, returning in 2021 for Those Who Fall in Love Like Anchors Dropped Upon the Ocean Floor; while Kerryn, also a playwright and performer, wrote and starred in HotHouse Theatre’s acclaimed 2023 production, HER.

Directed by Artistic Director Karla Conway, these plays, alongside new premiere, The Plan (and Other Plans) illustrate HotHouse’s commitment to creating and producing regional stories for national stages.

The comedy credentials of the whole cast sing off the stage, with playwright/performer Bridie Connell (Whose Line is It Anyway) a former National Improvisation champion, PJ Williams – cofounder of ImproACT in Canberra; and comedy legend, Damian Callinan (SkitHouse, The Merger, The Newsreader) rounding out the superb cast.

Behind the scenes, the production features a talented team of Albury Wodonga creatives, including production designer Sophie Woodward, and composer, Andrée Cozens both well-regarded locals whose contributions enhance the immersive experience of The Plan (and Other Plans).

The development of the play began in 2021 through HotHouse Theatre’s CELSIUS program, supporting local independent artists to develop new works.

Its first staged reading was on Zoom during lockdown, with over 60 people tuning in across NSW and VIC to hear it, almost 4 years from inception to production – a testament to the dedication and perseverance of its creative team.

“Despite the challenges posed by the financial investments required to produce original works, HotHouse remains steadfast in its commitment to fostering local talent and bringing captivating stories of regional Australia to life,” said Conway.

In light of these hurdles, HotHouse Theatre recently launched a fundraising campaign, Stage Your Support – Your Donation Doubled, where every dollar donated before 31 May 2024 is matched by Creative Australia through their Plus1 Program.

This campaign invites supporters to contribute towards their fundraising goal of $18,000 to support the creation of new theatre works and play an active role in sustaining the vibrancy of the local creative community.

“Supporters play a crucial role in contributing to the longevity of exceptional theatre on both local and national platforms,” says Conway, highlighting the significance of community involvement in the arts. “We are really humbled by the community support so far, however we still have a way to go to reach our target.”

The Plan (And Other Plans)
Butter Factory Theatre, Gateway Island – Lincoln Causeway, Wodonga
Season: 19 – 23 March 2024
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Image: HotHouse Theatre presents The Plan (And Other Plans)