The Phoenix Cups: A Cup Filling Story

Renowned international speakers, Sandi and Christopher Phoenix, have released their first book The Phoenix Cups: A Cup Filling Story that takes readers on a journey through their Phoenix Cups psychological framework.

A unique insight into understanding our behaviour, the framework helps people meet their most important life needs by discovering which metaphorical “Cups” they need to keep full to achieve a strong sense of balance, fulfilment and wellbeing.

The Phoenix Cups framework gives great insight into understanding behaviours such as why people hoard toilet paper in a pandemic; why some work colleagues take more sick days than others; and why your child’s tantrum turns them into a human puddle in the middle of the shopping centre.

“We have been sharing the Phoenix Cups framework with audiences across the world for years,” says Sandi.

“Having delivered countless keynote presentations and workshops in the education, healthcare and government sectors, and provided thousands of individuals and SME’s with access to online content, a book has always been a pipe dream of ours.”

“With knowledge of the framework growing in popularity, we thought it was time to put pen to paper and provide the world with a more in-depth look into the Phoenix Cups framework,” she added.

The book is written differently to the usual ‘self-help’ book, and is instead presented in a narrative form. The story itself is a fictional piece; meaning readers can get lost in the story while still being enlightened to the Cups framework.

Christopher Phoenix, the primary author of the book, explained that the book was written in this style as their most engaging keynote presentations also use a lot of storytelling. “We have found it is a great way to deliver key learnings to keep people entertained and engaged, so we chose that approach for our book,” he said.

The framework has been likened to that of The 5 Love Languages, however, the Phoenix Cups covers a broader spectrum of life’s needs and is built on five cups; The Safety Cup, The Connection Cup, The Mastery Cup, The Freedom Cup, and The Fun Cup.

Individuals are able to determine their Phoenix Cups profile (the size of their Cups) by answering a set of questions in a quiz found on the Phoenix Cups website. This quiz provides users with an understanding of which Cups are more dominant for them, and therefore need more attention in being kept full. The book provides a far more in-depth understanding of their needs and how each Cup should be attended to, to feel more fulfilled.

Sandi Phoenix is the founding company director and principal facilitator at The Phoenix Cups. She has a Bachelor of Psychological Science and her framework, The Phoenix Cups, has revolutionised how teams view each other’s behaviour. The approach provides a framework for how to understand and respond positively to differences and conflict. The Phoenix Cups adds a new perspective to understanding each other and learning to work and live in harmony together.

Sandi started studying Psychological Science in 1998, and has many years’ experience collaborating with staff and teams to support positive relationships and partnerships. She is highly regarded nationwide as a speaker, coach, mentor and professional development facilitator. See Sandi talking about toilet paper hoarding here.

Christopher Phoenix is a hypnotist, speaker, and the co-author of The Phoenix Cups: A Cup Filling Story. He tours Australia and beyond delivering the Phoenix Cups model through a highly entertaining Workplace Wellbeing workshop and keynote presentation. See Chris talking about how ranting empties your cups and more here.

The Phoenix Cups: A Cup Filling Story is available at

Image: The Phoenix Cups: A Cup Filling Story (supplied)