The Pajama Game

WAAPA-The-Pajama-Game-photo-by-Stephen-HeathThis year’s cohort of third year musical theatre students from the Western Australian Academy of Performing arts did an outstanding job of presenting their final musical for the academic year, The Pajama Game.

A well-rehearsed, cohesive cast worked together with enthusiasm to present this golden classic. The plot of The Pajama Game enabled several cast members to strut their stuff and have their moment to shine on stage.

The comedic elements of the show belonged to Francesca Nason, as the old hunched over secretary and Jackson Britza, the shy inhibited Prez. They used gestures, expressions and old-fashioned clowning for comic relief.

There are lots of recognisable tunes throughout the musical including Once a Year Day, Hey There and Steam Heat. Britt Carter, as Gladys, gives a commanding rendition of Hernando’s Hideaway.

Hamish Pickering and Lily Jones as the two leads, Sid Sorokin and Babe Williams were an absolute delight together. Their chemistry was electric as their characters exuded a playful, sweet charm and cheekiness that radiated to the audience.

The choreography by Cameron Mitchell was at times playful and energetic and others tight and controlled. Steam Heat, Hernando’s Hideaway and Racing with the clock were some of the dance sequence highlights.

There were some clever moments in the production. The scene in which Campbell Parsons as Vernon Hines throws knives into a target was mesmerising. As hard as I tried, I couldn’t work out what Parsons did with the knives as they magically glided from his hands to land in the target.

Another was the musical number Hey There which sees Pickering sing into a Dictaphone. A recording of Pickering’s voice is replayed with his live voice to produce a duet with the characters self.

The Pajama Game is a production performed by a tight cast of third year students. It’s a fun, vibrant, playful take on an old classic and although sold out, it is defiantly worth checking for last minute cancellations.

The Pajama Game
Round House Theatre, 2 Bradford Street, Mount Lawley (Perth)
Performance: Saturday 10 September 2022
Season continues to 15 September 2022
Information and bookings:

Image: The Pajama Game – photo by Stephen Heath

Review: Craig Dalglish