Adelaide Fringe – The Naked Magicians

TNM_reviewThat’s it! I’m quitting my day job and I’m running away with the magicians. These two lads have got it all goin’ on! This is a tight, fast-paced, cheeky production and is definitely the hottest ticket in town.

Christopher Wayne and Mike Tyler are The Naked Magicians and their show is flawless, seamless, effortless fun. They are the complete package and very nice packages they are too.

There’s everything you want in a magic show and more – card tricks, rope tricks, mentalism, escapology and …. nudity. They do have a huge penis – it’s pink & inflatable – so is Chris’s girlfriend who remains on stage the whole time. They handle the audience participation bits with a light touch and sometimes the audience members like to lightly touch the bits.

Seasoned professionals the boys can hold their own no matter what’s thrown at them, including big sharp knives. Consummate entertainers, The Naked Magicians have struck the perfect balance of comedy, magic and breezy cockiness.

I loves them and you will too. But don’t dick around and wait to get a ticket. Grab your mates, your girlfriends, everyone you know and make a night of it. The best fun you’ll have pants down! Sorry that should read “hands down”.

The Naked Magicians
The Lotus Palace – Gluttony
Season continues to 1 March 2015
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Image: Christopher Wayne and Mike Tyler

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