The Medea Project

The Medea ProjectThe fragmented memories of three women as they recount a shared tragedy. The Medea Project is a multi disciplined theatre piece using filmed interviews from the women of Moreland to create a modern Greek chorus.

The Medea Project offers them the opportunity to share their thoughts, feelings and experiences, while working with an ensemble of dedicated performers to create a new take on this classic tale of horror.

With an extensive development process and workshops from specialists in voice and physical theatre, we are creating the work from the ground up drawing the story from many sources including the original texts, memories, poems, song lyrics, newspaper articles and pieces written by the ensemble.

With an average of 27 parents taking their children’s lives in Australia each year, this is a story with shocking relevance. We want to focus on not just the horror but also the pressures that might bring someone to this kind of desperation.

A work in development, The Medea Project aims to celebrate women, from all backgrounds and ethnicity, then and now, and an examination of some of the hardships and challenges they still face in our modern world.

Director: Perri Cummings  Performers: Kristina Benton, Sally McLean, Hannah Gott  Film Maker: Carol Cumming  Voice Coach: Lisa Dallimore  Physical Theatre Trainer: Dani Cresp

The Medea Project
Brunswick Arts Space,2a Little Breeze Street, Brunswick
Season continues to 28 November 2015
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Image: The Medea Project (supplied)