The Lighthouse

Patch Theatre The Lighthouse - photo by Matt ByrnePart installation, part scientific quest, part rave, Patch Theatre presents the world premiere of The Lighthouse at the Queen’s Theatre as part of the 2020 Adelaide Festival.

An interactive immersive promenade performance piece which exploits its director’s expertise and fascination with the beauty of light, The Lighthouse takes you from tiny spark to Big Bang, from pixel to landscape, from line to laser – it offers the kind of magic that only interactive theatre can.

Designed for all ages, this house of marvels is full of intimate vignettes and lighting wizardry. In intimate groups, you and your smaller friends are guided through a series of interconnected rooms, each full of hands-on experiences exploring a different property of that elusive yet fundamental force of nature: light.

Designer/director Geoff Cobham continues his prolific career harnessing the power of photons to tell stories (and win awards). Since taking the reins at Patch Theatre, he has steered the company in an interactive direction, while holding firm to their unique manifesto of providing formative theatrical experiences for the young and their families.

“There is a primitive pull to light, a sense of wonder surrounds it,” says Cobham. “For centuries we have gathered around light – telling stories, seeking warmth and looking for answers. And our greatest scientists still grapple with what light actually is!”

Director: Geoff Cobham Creators: Michelle ‘Maddog’ Delaney, Chris Petridis, Meg Wilson, Zoë Barry, Daisy Brown, Jason Sweeney

The Lighthouse
Queen’s Theatre, Playhouse Lane, Adelaide
Season continues to 7 March 2020

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Image: The Lighthouse (installation view) – photo by Matt Byrne