The Light Box

LIGHTBOX%20DLNatalia Savvides’ The Light Box is a free-wheeling epic that links a fractured family to a bizarre world of talking birds and spoons in lab coats.

When Ethel stabs talkative co-worker Annie with a spoon, she sets off a chain of events that will bring both women face to face with the past. Ethel’s mother Lesley left the family after a torrid affair with a toucan; her father never recovered.

Now a grown woman, Ethel’s violence lands her in an institution where she is watched over by The Man Made of Spoons, a genial if bumbling psychiatrist. While in confinement, Ethel receives regular visits from a cleaner, and as their tentative friendship blossoms to romance, she begins to understand why her mother may have sacrificed so much for love.

It is impossible to predict who you will love, who will love you in return and whether or not your world is the real world. Where do the boundaries of these mercurial aspects of life begin and end?

Director James Dalton will lead audiences on an expedition through this poetic landscape of light, shadow, music, feathers and enough spoons to make Alanis Morissette cry.

Director: James Dalton  Cast: Hannah Barlow, Tom Christophersen, Stephanie King and Dean Mason  Playwright: Natalia Savvides  Set / Costume: Dylan Tonkin  Lighting: Benjamin Brockman  Sound: Nate Edmondson  Stage Management: Angharad Lindley  Producers: Fat Boy Dancing  and We Do Not Unhappen  Associate Producer: Skye Kunstelj

The Light Box
107 Projects107 Redfern Street, Redfern (Sydney)
Season: 10 – 28 July 2013

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