The Insomnia Project

The Insomnia ProjectSleep, the mysterious terrain of the subconscious, healing, dreaming and renewal; or an ever evasive realm, barred, blocked, and wreathed in anxiety, perhaps even terror.

Statistics show, that 1 in 3 Australians suffer mild to extreme sleep deprivation and in our 24/7 lives we are increasingly becoming a ‘sleep-sick’ society. Insomnia and up to 70 other diagnosable sleep disorders, underlie up to 70% of visits to GPs in Australia.

Melbourne-based composer/director Natasha Moszenin has been living with insomnia since she was a teenager – The Insomnia Project is based on actual experiences.

An innovative, multimedia work, The Insomnia Project aims to expose the harsh, and at times hilarious, truths about suffering from this disorder by using lyrical, jazz-inspired songs that invoke both the intimacy and solitude of the night, with a textural merging of light, shade, spoken word, motion and viscerally poignant music.

Follow four individuals battling one sleepless night, which leads them through a separate, yet shared, journey of fantasy, fear, loneliness and maddening exhaustion. Become immersed in the loop of tension and release, whilst considering the comedy and tragedy of the insomniac condition experienced by so many throughout the world.

Composer/Director: Natasha Moszenin  Featuring: Jai Luke, Lauren Mass, Claire Nicholls, Fiona Scarlett

The Insomnia Project
Gallery 314, 304-314 Church Street, Richmond
Season: 28 October – 1 November 2014

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