The Incredible Here and Now

TP Incredible Bardiya McKinnon - photo by Eric BerryArt reflects life as Western Sydney bursts to life on stage in the National Theatre of Parramatta’s world premiere production of The Incredible Here and Now at Riverside Theatres from 13 July 2017.

This exciting new play has been commissioned from author Felicity Castagna, based on her multi-award winning novel of the same name. Western Sydney is teeming with stories to share. The Incredible Here and Now is a coming of age tale which traverses the streets of the region, from the Parramatta Memorial Pool on a hot summer’s day to charcoal chicken in Granville and the infamous North Parramatta McDonald’s.

The production follows the story of Michael, a gifted writer who lives in the shadow of his older brother, Dom. The biggest guy in the school. Best car in the West. The guy who just can’t help but grab everyone’s attention. When Dom is gone, Michael roams the streets trying to navigate life, friendship, love and family.

“I’ve been attending shows at Riverside Theatres for more than 15 years,” said Castagna. “To see my own work on stage there, in my own community is such a privilege. The support and guidance provided to me by National Theatre of Parramatta, has been incredibly important in developing my own career as a writer and as a voice in the community that I love so much.”

Performing the lead role of Michael is Bardiya McKinnon (TV’s As the Bell Rings and In Your Dreams) and as Dom, Alex Cubis (TV’s Mako Mermaids and Rake). In addition, The Incredible Here stars Caroline Brazier, Libby Asiack, Olivia Simone, Ryan Peters and Sal Sharah.

Directed by Jeneffa Soldatic (TV’s Then that Happened and Strange LA) and Wayne Harrison (Hakawati, Young & Jackson and The One Day of the Year), The Incredible Here and Now is a powerful coming-of-age tale and a must-see production this July.

Directors: Jeneffa Soldatic & Wayne Harrison Featuring: Bardiya McKinnon, Alex Cubis, Caroline Brazier, Libby Asiack, Olivia Simone, Ryan Peters, Sal Sharah Set and Costume Design: Isabel Hudson Composer and Sound Design: Sean Van Doornum Lighting Design: Martin Kinanne Movement Director: Sara Black Production Manager: Damion Holling Stage Manager: Kirsty Walker Creative Futures: Concey Bosco

The Incredible Here and Now
Lennox Theatre – Riverside Theatres, Parramatta
Season: 14 – 22 July 2017 (preview: 13 July)
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Image: Bardiya McKinnon features in The Incredible Here and Now – photo by Eric Berry