The Idea of North – Ballads By Candlelight

The Idea of NorthThis ARIA award winning group needs no introduction. Certainly not from the sold out Cathedral crowd of about 700 people. For me this type of show is the essence of real vocal talent. The Idea of North or TION as they are frequently referred have nowhere to hide and they are not looking to sneak away.

Although the beautiful Sally Cameron (Soprano) recently left TION after about 10 years, her place on this occasion was taken by the gorgeous voice of Jo Lawry. The rest of this amazing quartet was Andrew Piper (Bass), Nick Begbie (Tenor) and the leader/arranger of the group Naomi Crellin (Alto).

Andrew Piper’s rich bass voice and vocal percussion supports and provides the warmth that stitches the vocal four together. Andrew also leaves the group soon, his place to be filled by Adelaide’s own Luke Thompson. With an abundance of pleasing arrangements and even a slice of comedic banter from each member it is so easy to see why this show sells out time and time again.

Lawry and Crellin’s voices were seamless as was Begbie and Piper. Although they did shine as individuals, it was together where the blend was like that feeling you get when take your first sip of your favourite coffee, mmmm… Highlights were I Said No, Flame Trees and my personal favourite and opener, the Charlie Chaplin penned, Smile.

Acts like this show that there is not always the need to use pyrotechnics, high wire circus acts or shock antics to thrill an audience. Captivating their audience for the entire show, TION are our Aussie Manhattan Transfer. It is true testament to the discerning Australian public that a group like this exists, sells out and that we give them awards and applaud them when there is so much to see at the Fringe, WOMADelaide, Adelaide Festival and everything else.

Leaving this show it felt like my ears, mind and heart had been given the most gentle and fulfilling massage. I closed my eyes and felt that TION had taken me to the clouds and back. I give this my finest review not just because I am a singer, but also because they deserve to be heard and experienced. I hope you get the point. I loved every minute.

The Idea of North – Ballads By Candlelight
St Peter’s Cathedral, 27 King William Road, Adelaide
Performance: Friday 17 March 2017

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Image: The Idea of North (supplied)

Review: Stephen Foenander – courtesy of All About Entertainment