The Haunting of Daniel Gartrell

The Haunting Of Daniel GartrellDarkly humorous and intensely gripping, Reg Cribb’s The Haunting of Daniel Gartrell follows a man’s journey into the darkest secrets of his past and the deepest corners of this country’s soul.

Under an ochre sky something happened at Mt. Ragged. Celebrated bush poet Daniel Gartrell’s most analysed poem is missing its final verse and the events that occurred at Mt Ragged are a mystery.

Now an enigma, Gartrell lives as a recluse in the suburbs and his only contact is with his daughter. Gartrell is at home, thinking very oblique thoughts when an emerging actor from Bondi knocks on his door.

Ambitious and optimistic, he has been cast to play Gartrell in a biographical movie, and in his research for the role, is ready for anything … or so he thinks. Gartrell leads him on a merry chase, evading inquiries and playing unhinged mind games.

The Haunting of Daniel Gartrell is a humorous, thought provoking and quintessentially Australian story that presents a different journey than the one you imagined.

Director: Lucy Freeman  Cast: Michala Banas, Max Gillies, Samuel Johnson  Designer: Andrew Bellchambers  Lighting Designer: Scott Allan  Sound Designer / Composer: David Ellis  Special Effects Designer: Lachlan Tetlow-Stuart  Stage Manager: Canada White

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Image: Max Gillies and Samuel Johnson by Matt Deller